VERAGALLARDO® is a brand that believes the success of organizations, governments, businesses and people should be based on a permanent balance of resources and their sustainability, and in order to preserve the inheritance received from a safe planet and in harmony with all its elements.

This site is bringing diversity in fashion and beauty through sustainable brands and products. What I desire the most is that all women and men can find their fashion inspirations, shoes, accessories, jewellery and watchmaking, also in beauty, make up, hair and other beauty care trends. I aim to be your true sustainable fashion and beauty place for your day-to-day needs.

This site essence is all the brilliance and fascination that new trends bring with that designers and creators emerge through their collections. At this everyday place it will be possible that every choice made is guaranteed to be a safe and sustainable choice for you and our planet!

I advise the consumer to read the labels and ingredients that compose the products they are buying.

At your everyday site I do a verification that ensures that products are sustainable and free of hazardous substances, and that these can be consumed.

Although the brands sometimes alter the compositions, that is why I keep checking the information, and if one product becomes harmful, toxic or not sustainable at all I´ll take it out of the site content immediately. On this site there are products that have been verified by other entities, in which our brand has confidence and that therefore I validate based on that information.

In any case I will withdraw all products or brands that do not reveal to be reliable on their sustainability standards.

It’s up to each of us to ensure that every day I do the right thing and that I am not waiting or relying on third parties to tell us what our role is!

I choose in a conscious way and every day I work for a better world!


I am passionate about fashion and beauty. I’ve always been!

Despite this passion, I felt that my choices were contributing negatively to the sustainability of our planet. That is when I decided I had to do something to change.

Having invested considerable time to investigate and study the impact of the fashion and beauty industries I realized what I could do and that was how I started making this site.

Today I am happy to have succeeded in making a dream come true, helping to transform our planet into a better place and helping women and men in their daily choices so that together we can be agents of change.

My wish is that you will be a part of this place and feel special, every day!

Sustainably yours,

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