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Second-Hand Beauty – Embrace It with Love

It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of fashion second-hand shopping for clothing, shoes, accessories, and luxury items. This practice has accompanied me for many years (over a decade, surely). But it’s not exclusive to fashion items; it also applies to beauty products, make-up, décor, furniture, and many other items.

Hi! Thanks for being here. I hope you feel you belong to this fashion and beauty community because you do!

Today, I reveal some examples of products that were well worth buying. I also share some tips on how to shop safely and what to look out for when purchasing these categories of items. My intention is for your future purchases to go smoothly and waste-free.


My research is always based on the ingredients I need for my skin or because I desire a certain result. Therefore, I don’t buy impulsively or anything I don’t need.


I mostly buy from digital platforms that offer a return option in case an issue comes up with the product. It should also allow easy communication with the seller. We often have specific questions, and the easier getting answers, the better.

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Questions that may or should arise:

» What is the best-before date of the beauty product? (Even if it’s a good deal, the expiry date may have passed or be very close)

» What is the product volume in the packaging? (The photo doesn’t always show)

» Is the product perfectly sealed? (If there’s no photo showing the seal)

» What colour is the product? (For products with ingredients like vitamin C, for example, it’s important to check if the colour has changed)

» Are the units shown in the photo accurate? (When buying a multiple-unit’s product ensure all units are within the box)

» Is the product packaged properly? (To ensure it doesn’t spill or break essential elements like the dispenser during transportation)

As said before, we should ask more specific questions (if needed) to enhance the experience.

Time now to discover my latest second-hand beauty purchases below.

My Need: A product to remove makeup from the face and eyes; needs to be very gentle.

The Opportunity I Bought: The Cleansing Milk by Lierac Laboratoires

Additional Benefits: Vegan product with a marine prebiotic complex that preserves the skin’s microbiota.

The packaging was perfectly done, and removing the dispenser was to avoid damage, and best-before date. After opening, the texture matched the product’s characteristics.

Sometimes, there are no additional benefits, and the choice is merely because it meets the primary need and is a second-hand purchase.

My Need: An alternative to cotton pads for skin cleansing that is also an eco-friendly solution.

The Opportunity I Bought: Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads by STYLPRO

Additional Benefits: Organic, reusable, vegan product with a washing bag.

Perfectly sealed package included all listed items matching the description. Upon use, product effectiveness and benefits were all there.

My Need: A highly hydrating solution capable of restoring the glow of healthy skin.

The Opportunity I Bought: Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Gel Moisturiser by LANEIGE

Additional Benefits: Its use in my daily routine has maintained excellent compatibility with other beauty products without causing skin reactions, which can be a common issue with my sensitive, reactive, and rosacea-prone skin.

I hope this post made you want to start embracing second-hand beauty.

See you next time! …


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