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About My Story – The Interview

Hello everyone! The interview conducted (in Portuguese) by Susana Mota is now available, in which I share a bit of my transformation process. From an impulse buyer, as I was from a very early age and for a long time, to the moment I created this website dedicated only to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty.

Hi! Thanks for being here. I hope you feel you belong to this fashion and beauty community because you do!

Me Interviewed by Susana Gaião Mota

I divided this interview into two segments. For the English version, I advise you to view it on YouTube and ask for it to translate. Soon I will bring more exclusive content in Portuguese and English about Sustainable Fashion and Beauty ​​as it has been always.

I hope it sheds some light on what it was like to get here, that this is a slow journey, but that step by step will lead us to an essential contribution, which is personal and non-transferable.

It also reveals that, besides being the founder of the website, my activities vary. For those who want to find personal space for transformation, the help of someone who has gone through this knows the challenges but also the enormous gains with the achievement of a more sustainable lifestyle. Hence, every day is a good day to help in personal consultation with each person who needs that help, personally or online.

For an appointment, email or apply here.

1st Part – The Interview

2nd Part – The Interview

About Susana Gaião Mota
Author, Psychotherapist and Journalist.

She has already done many things, but the ones she likes the most are writing, reading, listening (and helping others if possible), always contributing to debate and softening all the problems of our daily lives and our human nature.
Susana is dedicated to the activity of Psychotherapist in the areas of Trauma and Neuroscience, Couple Therapy and Coaching. Whether with individual consultations in the clinic, but also with workshops in companies.
For many years she worked as a journalist. First at SIC Notícias and then as International Correspondent for TVI in Brazil, for five years.
She was also a regular contributor to TV Globo Portugal.
Author of several books, from fiction to real stories.

I hope you enjoyed watching this interview; who knows, it can shine a light on your own path towards sustainability. If you need any help, I am happy to help.

I wish you all the best!

Sustainably Yours,


#BuyOnlyIfNecessary … if it’s necessary, it’s ok!

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