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In this new website section, where I explore many luxury brands and their history, I also share some of the most incredible opportunities out there waiting for you. Whether vintage or Pre-Loved items, they can bring the special touch you need to your wardrobe. Sustainable Fashion is the main trend of the decade!!!

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Assuming my lifelong passion for the fashion world from a very early age, as I’ve shared before here several times, I must admit that I was part of the system that lasted for many decades, an unhealthy system, never considering the negative impacts it was constantly causing on the planet, animals and even in people.

Nowadays, I keep my passion alive, but facing this industry from a new perspective, with different eyes, my focus is the sustainability of fashion, one of my priorities.

The fashion brand I will explore today is Marni, an Italian brand founded in the late 90s, today widely recognized for its bold, eclectic, and innovative style. Its founder Consuelo Castiglioni created the brand with an alternative approach to the conventional, questioning stereotypes and traditional fashion norms. Recognized for its experimentation and artistic expression, the brand continues to surprise its legion of fans, who quickly notice some iconic brand elements. The bold and unique patterns range from floral to geometrical and abstract in one piece, the use of coloured fur and mixtures with other textures and materials, and the exuberant shapes, particularly the oversized coats. In footwear and accessories, the same irreverence translates into sophistication and elegance.

I would love to share two elements of my personal style, which reflects Marni’s influence over the years. The first is using belts below the waistline in a dropped waistline, reshaping the torso (although I do not use it often anymore). The second is using opaque long or mid-calf socks with skirts or dresses (not only influenced by Marni).

Today, the fashion brand Marni, belongs to the OTB Group, which owns other widely known fashion brands. They recently began several initiatives and processes that seem to give favourable indicators towards the sustainability path, however, I wouldn’t say that Marni is already a sustainable brand.

For now, and while waiting for further transformations, I recommend vintage or second-hand purchases.

Below, you can find the suggestions on some online platforms, and that seemed the most interesting to me with excellent Marni items!

From Vestiaire Collective

Marni Beige and Black CoatMarni Wool TrousersMarni Beige Leather Sandals

Marni Trench Coat Marni Pink Skirt Marni Pink Leather Museo Handbag

Marni Black Dress Marni Black BootsMarni Metallic Leather Handbag

From Rebelle

Marni Long Black CoatMarni Tote Leather Marni Black Ankle Boots

Marni Multicolour Long Coat Marni Green Shoulder BagMarni Green Sandals

From The Vintage Bar

Marni Beige SweaterMarni Long Black Skirt Marni Tricolour Sandals

Marni Black Long Coat Marni Black and White Sweater Marni White Sandals

Soon more Sustainable Fashion is here, don´t miss it!



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