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Today is my 3rd Anniversary!

Precisely three years ago today, I launched my website, this website! I already knew it would be a great challenge for me but, the will was vaster than any doubt or fear and, on July 8, 2020, my dream came true, launching a website only dedicated to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty.

Hi! Thanks for being here. I hope you feel you belong to this fashion and beauty community because you do!

I remember my words from that day and repeat them because, to me now, the ambition to do more and better is very transparent, as is the commitment to what is coming!

Celebrating this website’s 3rd Anniversary!

“Today is the day I celebrate three years of having achieved a dream I had, launching a website entirely dedicated to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty. I’m proud of this project. But I see that much is remaining. I look with hope but also more clearly to the future. I know that the years to come can be challenging, but where it takes me is the path I want. Reach more countries, more people and help everyone who wants to live a full and happy life and in communion with the planet and its preservation.”

The goals are more ambitious and more challenging but also more diverse, and we hope the site can grow in the coming years and serve an even larger and more demanding community. We will channel all resources to bring this community what it needs and wants. With determination and professionalism, along with a lot of dedication and esteem!

Sustainable fashion and beauty, as well as a lifestyle that gives meaning to a whole, will be the focus of the content, but not only the services that are available today and others that, in the meantime, have emerged, will also be part of our range services. And that anyone can access.

Today is a day of celebration, it’s a happy day! Congratulations to all who visit us and who contribute to spreading this mission. Those who return, those who come for the first time and those who talk about us, who explore the content and promote it with others. Only then does it make sense. The world gets better with these initiatives, with these shares!

I am grateful for all of this and wish for more to come!

Home Made Cake! Honestly Made!

With love,



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