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Gilberto Calzolari Changing the Fashion Landscape

GILBERTO CALZOLARI, the designer who gives his name to the brand, is transforming the current fashion landscape. Almost as if foreseeing a fundamental change, he decided, to create a collection that could fit all needs. And he did it superbly.

Revisiting his collection reminds me of how much I love his style, shapes and contemporaneity. And how, through techniques and materials, Gilberto can mirror his concepts and planetary ideals in its creations.

Admittedly, a brand that promotes slow fashion as opposed to consumerism and its impact on society and our planet. Combining innovation and the principles of sustainability with an enormous sense of ethics, Gilberto Calzolari does not give up high quality as the result of his collections. The heritage of haute couture and the traditional luxury that Italian fashion represents, its foundations are a mixture between this luxurious aspect and the stripping of Japanese culture, also perceptible in its logo with the use of two leaves of ginkgo Biloba and elements art nouveau. At the end of this mix, it is possible to find pieces that reveal immense elegance and femininity.

From simple lines, using innovative techniques and materials, Gilberto Calzolari sets the bar even higher in the fashion industry. He makes a point of working with certified entities and reveals that it is possible to reinvent the way it creates a collection, reducing its impact to a minimum. And as he does it so well, that he does not go unnoticed, it is an authentic example, an inspiration.

“Fashion plays a crucial role in the current climate crisis.

This is no longer tolerable. We need a seismic change.”

Gilberto Calzolari

Gilberto Calzolari creates with elegance and sophistication while incorporating his way of doing Fashion, innovating without leaving his aesthetic signature. And there are several examples, from the use of the circular concept in its designs to the way it incorporates completely unusual raw materials. Generating no wastes, he reuse, reinvent and redesign everything. In its collections he uses, leftovers of textile pieces from old collections found in the most diverse Italian textile factories, which, as they already exist, diminishes its ecological footprint. He also uses materials transformed from plastic bottles, citrus fruit nets, lead-free Swarovski crystals, recycled nylon, upcycling of various materials from the fashion industry, among many others.

These principles guaranteed by several certifications to which its production is subject, the raw material it uses, and the entire creative process. These certifications are very relevant because they are the security seal for those looking for sustainable fashion brands. And it gains even more relevance when it is known that “greenwashing” is widely used in the fashion industry by several brands, making the concept of sustainability often empty, what we cannot accept at all.

“Gilberto Calzolari is a high-end prêt-à-porter brand made in Italy with a “green” heart that believes that elegance and beauty must go hand in hand with respect for our planet”

If we think that Gilberto Calzolari founded his homonymous brand only in 2015, we foresee a brilliant career. Gilberto’s adaptability allows us to perceive his enormous lucidity regardless of the times and adversities. Perhaps that is why he was already awarded several times. The first, in 2018 during the Green Carpet Awards in Milan wins the prestigious Franca Sozzani Prize, in 2019 he is recognized with the Monte Carlo Fashion Week Prize as Best Emerging Designer for his contribution to Sustainable Fashion. And more recently in July this year, he wins the 1st Edition of C.L.A.S.S. Icon Award given to the most innovative and responsible Fashion Designer and who raises awareness of the principles of sustainability.

Gilberto, through his brand, has collaborated with some campaigns taking the opportunity to pass his messages. One of them was the “My Artic Heart” campaign in which he collaborated with Polar Bears International, an international NGO dedicated to the protection and conservation of the polar bears and their habitat. We can see here other important campaigns and collaborations.

For anyone who is already a fan of this brand for its unmissable collections, for its elegance and design, it won’t be a surprise the success achieved. I will continue to pay attention and curious about the work of Gilberto Calzolari, and of course, to continue sharing everything with you, as always.

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