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Oh Oh Oh It´s Christmas Time

OH OH OH, Christmas is coming! How good it is to see the cities lit up, the Christmas trees with their sparkling lights shining through the windows, the decorated shops, the sweets and the delicacies that lurk in the windows of the confectioneries just waiting to be wrapped up.

The world is going through a global pandemic, but it is legitimate that we can all try to bring this Christmas closer to us and its meaning. Although it is not the same as usual, we can attempt to make it the best Christmas possible. May it be a Christmas that is synonymous with emotion, sharing, solidarity and of course gifts. And if there are children around is a guarantee of contagious joy.

At Christmas time, we can be supportive and share the best of us with others, increase our capacity for empathy and generate moments of magic. Because it’s Christmas and anything is possible.

It is necessary to plan, to think about the preparations, for that, we have a list of everything we consider indispensable so that the entire Christmas season can run as expected. There is the list of sweets, decorative arrangements, the menu, and among many others, the gifts list.

Fortunately, many of us remember that it is necessary to be balanced, without calling into question the magic of this time, but consciously avoiding waste and unnecessary purchases.

A sustainable Christmas requires nothing extravagant it just assumes that it is possible to find solutions, so that Christmas does not end in a giant ball of garbage that contaminates the air, the soil and the water and that we eventually could avoid.

Vera Gallardo a fashion and beauty blogger advocating for sustainability, here dressed in a red sweater with sequins and christmas makeup red lips red blush soft in skin. Standing by the christmas tree holding a piece of decor .
My Christmas tree… Since 2010!

One impact we can reduce is the choice to renew Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations every year. If we can exclude these items from the shopping list, it will be great, since they produce it from plastic, highly polluting and generate waste that often cannot be recycled. Because they are the spirit of Christmas itself, we can use and reuse the materials we already have at home this will be one of the most sustainable choices we can make. You can find some ideas shared in several apps that can turn this task into a time of family fun and immense creativity. Just get started, and you see that it will be fun.

It is time to do Christmas shopping; we know that it is natural to fall into temptations. We are available to search, choose and buy, and unintentionally we become diverted from our genuine needs and take more than we had planned. Christmas gifts increases, but at the end correspond neither to our intention or our plans. There are exceptions, and we often make excellent choices. Fortunately, there are more and more examples of this.

To contribute positively and because I know it is easier said than done, I have created a simple guide. It helps to plan Christmas shopping in a more balanced and sustainable way, that makes us feel well to others and the planet.

This guide is composed of two basic ideas, with tips on what to avoid and tips on what to do when planning Christmas shopping.

The Guide says that:

If possible, to AVOID

  • To buy just because it’s Christmas.
  • To buy just because it looks better to offer something.
  • To buy cheap things that are neither appropriate to offer nor to receive.
  • To buy something meaningless, which in no way values ​​the offer or the person who receives it.
  • To buy plastic things for single-use, or cotton unless it is organic, or synthetic unless they come from recycled product.
  • To buy things from materials that cannot be recycled, renovated or reused later (or by other people).
  • To buy DISPOSABLE gifts.
  • To use the expression just in case to justify any purchase without purpose.

For certain, to BUY

  • Gifts that we already know in advance that people will like.
  • Thoughtful Gifts that have a purpose, covered with meaning.
  • Gifts that help a humanitarian or other institution or organization.
  • Personal handmade gifts.
  • Sustainable branded gifts.
  • Gifts from local production and sale.
  • Gifts of vintage or antiques.
  • Gifts of quality and or timeless articles.
  • Gifts that can last a lifetime.
  • Gifts to be passed on from children to grandchildren and future generations.

We can apply these principles in other festive moments that also involve shopping. The benefits will be many, but above all, we save resources, and we diminish the negative impact that these celebrations often generate on the planet.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Hopefully, with peace, joy and health!

Yours, Vera

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