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So Many Clothes And Nothing To Wear

Have you have wonder why there are so many clothes in your wardrobe and you just feel you have nothing to dress that morning?

This was a permanent dialogue in my mornings. Every day I opened the closet and looked at the amount of clothes, my eyes went through all those pieces, and the feeling invaded me that I had nothing to wear. Or rather, the clothes to represent me, to be able to be the person I needed to be, that morning.

That same day I would easily be able to buy another good quantity of new pieces. But the ritual did not change, for a few days I could even deceive myself, wearing the new pieces, but a week or two later, I would come back to invoke the same idea, that I had nothing to wear.

Yes, it is true, I was an unconscious consumer. Hadn’t I discovered my style? Or I was permanently looking to compensate myself by buying on impulse. Would I be a little concerned with the waste, pollution, ecological footprint I was causing?

Yes, is the likely answer to all the above questions.

It was in my transformation process that I realized the harm I was doing, not only to me but to the planet and future generations. Here on the website, I will be able to tell you my story and how it all happened. At this point there is a certainty, I completely incorporated conscious buying, the choice of sustainable brands, the act of privileging local products, buying second-hand, among other actions that I no longer do without. As well as the creation of a website dedicated to sustainable Fashion and Beauty, of which I am proud, and of having transformed my life.

Sustainability, for a few years now, is part of my daily life. And that strengthened me as a person, as a woman, and of course, after much reading, researching, learning in courses and training, I know how much I developed personally and professionally. I also know that now in my closet there must be pieces that reflect my personality, my style. I am perfectly aware that my clothes speak for me.

I wanted to share this idea with you, because I may have taken too long to make the transition to a more sustainable life. If I had read something earlier about this feeling of permanent emptiness, of having so many clothes but nothing to wear, perhaps I would have changed more quickly.

So, if someone feels the same way when reading my testimony, and if it helps one or more people, excellent, it was worth it!

And if it made sense before, it will do even more now, to say #buyonlyifnecessary

Sustainably yours

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