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6 Reasons to Use Vitamin C in Your Daily Beauty Routine

Vitamin C is the ingredient of the moment when it comes to skincare. There are 6 reasons to use it!

Virtually all brands of beauty and skincare include in their range one or more products with this vitamin. The reason is simple, studies have demonstrated its clear benefits, including effects of regeneration, maintenance and even prevention.

Undoubtedly Vitamin C is one of the essentials in the daily beauty routine for fantastic, beautiful and healthy skin.

Here are six reasons to include it in your daily routine:

  1. Evens and smoothes the spots that appear on the skin with age
  2. Naturally stimulates the production of an essential protein for our skin, collagen
  3. Antioxidant power helps to block free radicals and used in conjunction with sunscreen helps to protect the skin from the sun’s rays, also these important factors in the skin ageing process
  4. It has a strong hydrating power and combats skin fatigue, so combined with other ingredients it works as a true vitality booster
  5. If used at night in conjunction with salicylic acid, it reduces oiliness and acne
  6. The skin gets radiant, luminous and healthy

You couldn’t ask for more.

In the morning, before sunscreen or with a sunscreen already included, which simplifies two routine steps in one.

Some excellent proposals to choose at will!

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