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Beauty – The Skin Exfoliation Brands to Know

At the end of last year, I wrote an article about exfoliating our skin in the daily beauty routine. In this article, I explain mainly why we should or should not exfoliate the skin, how many times a week can we exfoliate, how to do it considering the type of skin or any special condition.

Once we know about exfoliation considering our skin, we will be ready to include this process correctly in our daily routine.

To access the article “Importance of Exfoliation on the Beauty Routine” click here

And what products can I choose? There are several brands and types of scrubs. This list brings some suggestions, which besides their effectiveness, are brands that somehow provide beauty, considering the best for the planet and for people, including those that contribute for one of these products to reach us in excellent conditions.

Let’s get to know some brands and products that may be useful, now or in the future, or even to suggest to someone you know and for whom they can be an important help. Especially since not all of us are aware of how to incorporate this simple gesture into our beauty routine, for that reason it can make an enormous difference, for the better, of course!

A dehydrated skin, dry to mixed, needs a product that can exfoliate the skin, but without unbalancing and breaking it. Used to provide a significant increase in hydration while cleaning and regenerating, and that the results are more beautiful, luminous and healthy skin.

The proposal to achieve these results for these two skin types is Ren’s Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial. We should do the treatment at night, when we wake up, the skin will be beautiful and ready for another day.

For oily skin, as written in the article I refer to above, you need an exfoliant suitable for this type of skin. Besides exfoliating and purifying the skin, controlling the superficial oiliness allows a balanced appearance, and with these benefits, it may be preferable to choose an exfoliant with ingredients that guarantee these same benefits, as of the lactic acid and the glycolic acid belonging to the AHA group (alpha-hydroxy acids). The suggestion that I bring you is from OLEHENRIKSEN – Pore Balance Facial Sauna Scrub (as it is a vegan product) and that guarantees 100% its results, the aforementioned ones and also guarantees the reduction of pores, one of the other advantages of this exfoliant.

You can find more about this product here.

Another suggestion is the Bybi exfoliating mask made with natural Alpha-Hydroxy acids, which will also remove dead cells and make the skin more luminous, feeling its effect right after the first application. You can get to know it better by clicking on the product and brand: Acid Gold AHA Resurfacing Mask.

Realizing the importance of exfoliating the skin of the face, we will also realize through the same principle how beneficial it is to exfoliate the hands, feet, body, or lips.

With lips, dry skin prevents our lips from appearing well treated and smooth. The accumulation of small pieces of skin that are loosened weakens lips appearance, and besides being unpleasant to the touch, it also prevents us from being able to apply lipstick.

To achieve glamorous and healthy lips, I bring you the suggestion of the KIT from Bybi – the LIP KIT – 100% NATURAL LIP CARE – BUFFER & PLUMPER SET – with this treatment, you can, exfoliate, moisturize, and give an extra volume to your lips.

About exfoliating the body, I also bring a suggestion, that first, it is effective in producing the results, but also that it is a brand that has less impact both on the environment and on potential risks on skin. Thus, and those who still do not know the brand, may well become a fan, of its products, social projects, and care for nature.

“The Happy Skin Project from Good JuJu”

is a program to provide free and discounted soap to people currently undergoing chemotherapy. This project merges our deep love of people, soap and helping out those suffering with sensitive or medically impacted skin.

The idea came from our founder Judith’s.

from Good Juju

For a skin that needs a powerful exfoliating and looking for a deeper action, you can get excellent results with a product with this profile, which through lactic acid gets several benefits, among them, it cleans and removes dead cells and allows its regeneration to happen almost instantly, leaving the skin more radiant and balanced. You can achieve this with the product of the brand Sunday Riley – GOOD GENES LACTIC ACID TREATMENT, however, this is not a product recommended for sensitive skin or one that does not need such an exfoliation and intense treatment.

If you have read the article that explains the exfoliating profiles for each skin, you notice that there are cases in which, although a skin type needs a gentle exfoliation, it may need also a deep effect. Even mild exfoliants can provide effective results, in this case removing dead cells, and being able to see instantly their benefits. One product that I suggest you, is the Radiance from SeedtoSkin, which promises cell regeneration and an immediate transformation of the skin.

The Radiance is a microdermabrasion Glow Treatment.

“A gentle exfoliating cream with an added enzyme complex and super fine crystals which create a microdermabrasion action that polishes and removes dead skin cells and impurities for a healthier looking glow.”


And these are the suggestions I had to present to you, hoping that you can choose products that are good on the skin, the environment and with causes that we all like and appreciate, to create a more equal and fairer world

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