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Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Circular Economy

If the Industrial Revolution changed our perspective of economic and social development, shaped our expectations and created the illusion that naturally existing resources are infinite, the results of this evolution created the scenario that we now share on our planet.

It was not what we would have wanted, but our actions, even if unintended, have caused severe damage that will be difficult to recover, such as the extinction of species, climate change, destruction of habitats and ecosystems that culminate in the depreciation of biodiversity that has always inhabited this common space we call Earth!

 We already know the nefarious effect of the linear economy, the system in which we live, polluting, contaminating air, sea and land. The idea of ​​moving to a new, circular system, which eliminates waste, takes advantage of the entire cycle of goods or products, perpetuating its existence, even changing the function of regenerating its matter, this new system is called circular economy, and it is not possible to approach this concept without naming the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Founded in 2010 by Ellen MacArthur, world-renowned and recognized sailor, who inspired many by her nautical achievements, and who inspired her to create a charity organization whose mission is to accelerate the transition from the linear to the circular economy. Some many initiatives and programs have been developed in support of sustainability, such as the increase in sustainability literacy and in particular the circular economy. A precursor of a broad spectrum of activity, it involves society, challenges companies, governments and organizations to be agents of change for a new system of thought, political, social and economic.

Important contributions also in the area of ​​fashion such as the MAKE FASHION CIRCULAR initiative originally launched as Circular Fibers Initiative in 2017, has the mission of bringing together the stakeholders of this industry and bringing them into a commitment to change. There is much to be done in this area, but the strength and commitment that the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has demonstrated deserve all the recognition we can do for it.

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