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Stella MCcartney X me – a very special moment

I felt that someone was there who had a mission that would be mine too. Most importantly,

She was doing it in a fantastic way.

I was super excited when I heard her speak in the documentary about the dark side of fashion (fast fashion). The English designer caught my attention that through fashion communicates a way of thinking and living. Stella’s world is a world that promises to be more sustainable, more eco-responsible, more fair and equal.

I must confess that in addition to loving the collections, I am curious to know what the next campaign will be like, what news it brings us. I believe that the women who wear Stella McCartney are not just buying luxury products, they are expressing their values ​​and creating a better world. They believe that choices bring a result. They believe that their role is decisive even if individual. She continues to influence the fashion world to make it more prosperous and sustainable. That’s why I love it!

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