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Fashion And Beauty 2021: Trends, Styles And Tips

As promised, I am leaving you a preview of the topics being covered this new year. The content will mostly be about Fashion and Beauty with the “usual” sustainable twist. But not only, because I like to share organizations, people, designers, events and places, etc. that influence an entire community that shares our concern and interest.

In this preview, I am leaving some subjects, already planned, not being able to present all here, these will already give you a good perspective of what you may see here in the coming months.

“ Thank You all that keep coming to this community.

Because of You we keep growing,

for that I am so grateful ”.

On Fashion, I will share the major trends of the new Spring / Summer season, colors, shapes, patterns. Tips of what can stay in the closet which means, all those pieces that been there for a few years and are now the hit of the season. The investments for the season that will be worth making, always to value and perpetuate that investment. Your choice will have my support.

Following the trends of the new season will also share the news in make-up, such as colors, textures, and in hair, cuts, coloring and styling.

Develop the concepts of conscious fashion and sustainable fashion, highlight what is happening most relevant in the world of sustainable fashion and share its protagonists. Soon more tips on the best purchases, you can make, in accessories, clothing, footwear and jewellery.

vera gallardo, fashion and beauty blogguer, layed on the bed, wearing a white rope and a white towel in her head. feat are showing the sunlights entering the room and crossing the bed, while she is reading a book from coco chanel, that hides her face.

Present new brands dedicated to sustainable products and their story will be a must because as they are emerging diverse and very appealing, they can serve as an inspiration for those who want something new. This is my job and that I love to do, bringing people closer to the best and most sustainable proposals.

Skin and beauty care will continue to be part of the priorities to bring. Share treatments and care for healthy skin, accurately inform some of the most common conditions that need a particular approach and, simple help on how to keep your skin looking beautiful every day. The tools necessary for this care, which and how to choose, routines and steps that cannot be left out. I will also address topics associated with cultures that differ in their approach to skincare, but that promise lasting beauty.

And weekly I will share the Weeklists which are the weekly lists dedicated to promoting products and the links for those who want to know what to buy, where to buy, what is the range of price, etc.

And more? Much more, yes…

The tricks and tips to buy more efficiently and consciously, how to know what looks best in each body shape, unravel the personal style, how to create your style and know the basics to have an eternally trendy wardrobe.

And more. My Sustainable Fashion and Beauty workshops (suspended by the pandemic) will soon resume in person, safely. But I will also make an online version available.

Also available my consultancy in Sustainable Fashion and Conscious Shopping, personally or online, so each of you can have access to a new life this year, without giving up anything and benefiting in multiple aspects.

This year will be a particular year, for everyone, and for me too. Just launched my blog last July, and I am reaching already over 50 countries which is phenomenal. Hope I keep doing my work and improving so it can spread furthermore.

If you have any suggestions, click on the contacts tab to send me messages, it will be a pleasure to answer every one of you.

With love.

Here for you,


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