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Sustainable Lingerie Best Choices

It seemed to me, like a good idea to start with lingerie, for the first WEEKLIST of the year. Besides being part of the essentials, some may already feel the need to renew their lingerie.

The suggestions I bring you are outstanding. Considering what unites us, I’ve chosen brands that make a difference by the impact they have on other people’s lives and the planet. Without forgetting that, we do not give up either comfort, quality or design.

As we well know, one should never underestimate the strength of a piece of lingerie, the confidence it can provide and how it can elevate turning a bad day into a bright day, even without sequins, the star is ourselves.

Here is my sustainable lingerie best choices list for you, arranged for a quick overview of the parts and brands. If you click on the link, you will find out more details, its composition, sizes, how much it costs, and get to know the brand and, which sustainability principles the brand defends.

You can leave your suggestions, click on the contact tab and send a message. I look forward to your comments.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Virtual hug,



image of a black lace bra on top of an open book with white and blue flowers and also a pair of golden earings
photo: Melnychuk Nataliya

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