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Five Tips for Buying Shoes Sustainably

All women love shoes, and as a result, there are some environmental concerns about how we dispose of these items after being used.

The last thing we want is to know it ended in some landfill or in the ocean. That is the reason why we should be more aware when shopping. Here are 5 tips for buying shoes sustainably:                                                                                                          

1. This pair of shoes meets perfectly my personal style

2. My look greatly improves with them

3. I am sure that besides being gorgeous they are above all comfortable and high quality

4. I see myself using them for as long as possible or if this is not the case I am certain they will have a new opportunity, sold second hand, upcycled or recycled                                                               

5. The brand is sustainable or a sustainable process has been incorporated into its production, distribution or packaging.

Now you are ready to buy consciously the shoes you are passionate about!

As always, some suggestions below, to buy, if needed gorgeous shoes, all from sustainable brands!

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