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The Myths Surrounding Sustainable Beauty Products

One of the myths that most relates to sustainable beauty brand products is that they are much more expensive than traditional cosmetic or dermo cosmetic products. But this myth is not confirmed.

In fact, there are quite diversified offers in the area of ​​cosmetic and dermo cosmetics, this applies both to brands coming from the traditional industry and from those that in general are defined as sustainable.

The fact that the brands are more oriented towards treatments founded in the medical field or that in their origin have a strong research and development component, place in the prices the investments resulting from the studies and clinical trials done, this is true for both realities. But it must also be clarified that the price of a product does not always reveal its qualities or benefits.

That said, let’s go to the second myth, that sustainable brands are not as effective, again this is not proven. Simply because in its manufacturing process, or by the origin of its ingredients, or even by the marketing choices (as for example the packaging comes from recycled materials), carried out by companies and brands of sustainable treatments and products, nothing implies its effectiveness and benefits for the user.

On the contrary, the sustainability or positive impact of these products is a plus, that is, it comes on top of other variables that assume that efficiency is the goal of any product, regardless of how it is characterized in relation to its “environmental” status.

Having good information is essential to making the choices that suit our needs. In the weeklist you will find several suggestions so that taking care of us is good for others as well.

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