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How To Buy Sustainably In 2021

2021 is coming! And I hope that we can have a Happy New Year. In normalcy and freedom. To be together again! It is time to renew hope and new commitments. It is time to make a list of what we want to change, and the goals we want to achieve in the New Year. There is a positive energy in the air, let's make the most of it, and fulfil our desires.

One wish may be, for example, not to waste time, money and resources on things that do not make me feel better or more beautiful! Like, how? How to buy in a sustainable, conscious and meaningful way? How can I feel that I am doing something for myself, my planet and future generations?

I’ve also asked myself these questions before starting my way to live more sustainably. Before that happened, I wasn’t sure how to do it or where to start. And okay, there is no problem, because this path is done with small steps at a time. We do not want to drop our aesthetic sense, or our beauty or make-up routine or miss a fantastic wardrobe.

Start with small steps. To buy, in a more sustainable manner, clothes, shoes or beauty products, the basic step is, first spend what you have, throw nothing away. All the pieces that are currently in your wardrobe, you can have several solutions, one is to keep these pieces and take good care of them, another is to transform these pieces when you want to give them a different look, or you can sell them online. People looking for second-hand clothes is quite frequent.

My suggestion is to look for trustful sustainable brands. Today there are many offers. If you are going to make a purchase and are in the store, do a check (eg, see on the label the manufacturing place of that piece). If you are buying online, trust that verification to an entity that deserves your trust. To assess the brands concerning with any of the aspects related to environmental protection, resources used, fair trade, cruelty-free animal or other mentions, certifications are the best way. We can check on the brand’s website, which are its certifications.

Another alternative is to buy vintage, or second-hand pieces, are two of the most sustainable ways to buy. Regarding, second-hand clothes, buy quality pieces, or high-end brands, if possible, of course, is a significant investment precisely because it is possible to make money later on that purchase.

You can start by replacing the basics. Then, bet on timeless pieces, it is a way to create a flexible and lasting wardrobe. Quality must be a concept to include in all purchases, already knowing that besides being an excellent investment, it will allow it to last much longer, use it and combine multiple times. Most of all, because even if presenting new trends every season, there are often irreplaceable pieces. An example? The classic white shirt or the LBD.

“Another alternative is to buy vintage, or second-hand pieces, are two of the most sustainable ways to buy”

Give preference to brands produced and sold locally. Helping local trade is very important, but it also avoids the carbon footprint associated with transportation. If possible, reduce the purchase of cotton clothes, unless it is organic. Avoid synthetic materials unless the recycled ones. If possible, buy clothes made from other materials, e.g. having undergone a recycling, reuse or upcycling process.

Another step to buy sustainably is to forget about shopping at fast fashion stores or very cheap products. Here, besides reducing the negative impact on the planet, we ask the fashion industry, to pay a living wage to its workers.

The sustainable derm-cosmetics and cosmetics industry has developed continuously, and there are many brands with excellent and effective products. Many of these brands are also available on the networks of the beauty and make-up products stores, and you can also find them online on some digital platforms dedicated to ecological, biological, natural, cruelty-free products etcetera.

Little by little, we are changing the world for the better. It feels incredible.

I wish you a Happy New Year, full of achievements!

In 2021, I am here to share more Sustainable Fashion and Beauty tips, ideas and suggestions!

Big hug,


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