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The Classic and Essential White Shirt

Who doesn't have at least one classic white shirt in their wardrobe? It is one of those pieces that even for those who don't really appreciate the shirt in its classic form, find another one with a design that will be more in line with their own personal style.

The white shirt is really an essential piece whether for a woman or for a man. It combines with everything and with all colors, you can build an entire outfit with little effort, and under any circumstances, it wins its place.

There are actually few “rules”, each person can use and adapt according to their preferences.

For those who prefer a more minimalist style, it will have the white version and may also have versions of the classic shirt in gray or black. Each one will surely be well applied because the versatility of this piece is so great that it allows countless combinations. And for those who prefer quality over quantity, betting on a well-built shirt made with excellent material will be a sure investment.

It is not just the shape that translates its functionality, so the white shirt appears in many collections as if it were rediscovered in each season, either by its height or width, by its shape, by symmetry or asymmetry, with props or without them. The shirt comes and goes as if it were a new piece, but it never loses its fundamental characteristic, being a white shirt.

Vera Gallardo wearing white classic shirt and sunglasses looking aside with earrings and gold necklace , wearing a soft pink lipstick and blush

The white shirt doesn’t really have to be classic, but it will have to be a white shirt.

It is part of any closet, be it a capsule, a classic, an avant-garde, a boho, and other closets influenced by else trends.

It was among my first purchases, just like the favorite pair of jeans, the black fur coat, or the blue blazer, a long time ago, even before started with a sustainable lifestyle.

I confess that each white shirt of mine could tell a story, remember a place or a moment. The shirt I wore when I was 14 is not very different from the one I wore at 35 and the ones I have in my closet today. And with small variations, in a minute I choose the look of the day, and without thinking too much there goes the shirt with jeans or a skirt, tight or baggy pants. And even wearing a dress, the long white shirt has already passed. Each occasion provides your choice.

For all the reasons, the purchase of a white shirt has a good excuse, they are actually good excuses for many days to use and combine them in a thousand and one ways.

Now, if we already have enough, then there is no point in exaggerating. Buying without need, we already know that it is not the desired attitude. But buying “the one” white shirt is not bad. Because we will use it often and it will be practically impossible to get tired of it. When it is already used, we can transform it or give it a new function.

A tip, when buying the white shirt, it will be important to consider a sustainable brand, prefer a brand that offers excellent quality, it is a long-term investment that lasts over time, and then take good care of it, so it can build your “looks” so many as many times as possible.

Just remember that, even for the white shirt, #buyonlyifnecessary

Sustainably yours, always here,


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