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How to Live Sustainably Happier in 2022

New Year, New Life! We renew our desires, hopes and we seek the best strategies to make this year the happiest. So here I am today to show how to be sustainably happier in 2022.

Hello, dear friends!

For 2022 I wish you all a Sustainable and Happy New Year!

Here are my simple but powerful suggestions for us to achieve our goals in 2022 and, above all, we can live a life full of purpose.

For each of them, create a specific moment in your calendar. And make it happen!

Start by…

Building memories and collecting moments, not things!

Take the picture below and save it to see it often, if possible, every day!

Photo by Lilartsy

Save time to be with someone you love! And have fun!

Next week call one friend you don´t talk to for a while!

Photo by Chad Madden

Choose a mission, join the crew, make a statement, be the change-maker!

If you want to make a difference in the sustainable fashion and beauty industry, let us talk! Here!
We go step by step.

Photo by Tim Marshall

Connect with your aspirations. Follow your dreams! Oh, by the way Dream BIG!

Listen, Dream BIG! The World is expecting you!!!

Photo by Sara Riano

Spend some time nurturing yourself. Be your best friend. Take care of your body and soul!

Get prepared for the times to come, stronger than ever! You are not replaceable.

Photo by Klara Kulikova

Believe! Believe! Believe!

Take that leap! Come on! I believe too!

stone saying believe

Photo by Andy Montes

Plan something utterly unconventional that pulls on your sense of adventure. There is always a friend available to make you the best companion for the challenge.

Appreciate nature, so many places to be discovered, so why not? Take a chance and share it please, it’s always inspiring for others to follow.

3 friends walking on a dune

Photo by Brenda Gonzalez

Bet on a new recipe, surprise yourself and surprise someone with a completely innovative meal that matches your taste. (Try to do something healthier and beneficial for the planet).

Trust me. It will be worth trying!

For almost two years now, I’ve been trying new recipes weekly, been quite an experience. I leave this one down, which adds bananas to figs and tangerines. Yummy.

vegetarian fruit and salad bowls of food

Photo by Brooke Lark

Be creative! DIY! Save the money and the planet, use what you already have.

Lots of inspirations and tutorials.


There!!! – YouTube, Instagram and facebook

two natura packs with a tag saying 2022

Photo by Isabela Kronemberger

Let your imagination do the work! No matter what others will say.

I imagine my sustainable fashion and beauty store is a total success. My collection is stunning and saves a lot of clothes from ending up in landfills. Just Imagine!

astranaut laying in a pink feather floor

Photo by Macanaya

Be grateful every day for the things you achieve and for those that make you raise!

How wonderful can be the feeling of gratitude about the big things we achieve? And again about small things like our first levis jeans. I continue to be grateful for my first Fendi sandals bought in a second-hand online store.

Photo by Gabrielle Andersen

Write your plans, follow them always possible, if not that’s ok too!

Writing your plans down will probably make you focus more on the goals you have set before.

Photo by Jess Bailey

In, 2022 the only way is UP!

Fear??? Stop sabotaging yourself. The only way is UP!

I am waiting for you UP there 😉

Be Amazingly and Sustainably Happy in 2022!

with all my love,



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