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Brands to Follow in 2022 – The Jewelry Edition

In 2022 I will continue sharing the brands that stand out and need to be noted, whether for their design, history, quality, or project. But above all because they add to our style. And of course, not forgetting the role they play as brands that contribute to a better planet!

In today’s post, I introduce you to JEWELSTREET.

This brand is fascinating. JEWELSTREET is an online platform that offers products from all the world brands and designers. Most of these products are handmade with an exclusive design, with an ethical vision, which besides joining a sustainable idea of ​​reuse, upcycling or vintage pieces is at the same time possible to find something extraordinary and unexpected. At JEWELSTREET, you can find lovely items in both Fashion and Beauty, as well as in the Home Decor area, among others.

Since there is so much to discover, today I am bringing suggestions for Jewelry. These are items I loved and made sense to me share with you.

Let’s have a quick look!!!

By clicking the photo caption you can go straight to the JEWELSTREET´s website. There you can find information about the designer and the product description.

Art Deco, Who’s a fan?

To combine… or not!

Something ethnic…

Adding a beautiful pair of tribal earrings…

And for a more boho style…

That you can match with a more classic one!

One classy…

And another one classy…

For the romantic choices…

Peacock Feather Elongated Drop Earrings Rose Gold – BY LATELITA LONDON and Gold & Silver Art Deco Vintage Inspired 1920’s Pearl and Diamond Earrings BY KASTUR JEWELS

More simple and romantic pieces:

and to match these romantic ones…

I could not miss the engagement ring… absolutely beautiful!

At JewelStreet´s platform, there is a world of surprises! To find out more, you can access the brand’s website, here.

Buy only whenever needed! Remember the #BuyOnlyIfNecessary movement? The main pillars of this movement are essential for us to live a more sustainable life is worth taking a look, here!

hugs from yours,



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