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Meeting Cruelty-Free Fashion Brands

CRUELTY-FREE. – Products manufactured or developed by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals.

This weeklist was made with women and men in mind who prefer cruelty-free brands. Because they care about the welfare of animals, their dignity, their conservation and preservation of species (many today in danger of extinction). That is why they are looking for an alternative to the use of materials from animals that are widely used in the fashion industry, often using cruel methods causing them immense suffering.

With the available alternatives, it is possible to avoid the use of feathers, fur, leather, angora, silk, wool…

Fortunately, some brands of clothing, footwear and accessories have rethought the use of real leather and have started to develop new solutions, with the emergence of materials that are ecologically designed, manageable and that allow them to offer a wide and varied range. The result is sustainable, cruelty-free and wonderful products. In addition to the design, the quality is appreciable and taking good care of these products (as with all others) the durability is immense.

I would like to leave you an important message even before this week’s WEEKLIST.

Always consider the options you already have before buying. Because we should buy only if necessary. For us and for the planet!


Sustainably Yours, Vera

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