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Buy Only If Necessary Movement

“On the day I started writing and publishing on the website, I felt that I would have to start this movement (movement is a little ambitious, but I don't do it for less).

“On the day I started writing and publishing on the website, I felt that I would have to start this movement (movement is a little ambitious, but I don’t do it for less). For me it was clear, that for each article written, each brand presented, would have to include a basic concept, i.e. that we should only buy if it was necessary. In this simple way, this has become one of my guiding principles of everything I do, write, share, or buy, and that has revealed the best of me. I believe it is a principle of value, which adjusts to the moment in which we live, and fortunately, many of us want to be part of the change”. VG

This is a movement that reinforces conscious consumer behavior, which makes us attentive and knowledgeable consumers. That invites us to understand that in the sale’s subtlety there is an appeal to unbridled consumption so that every week we buy items we don’t need, but that we buy because they are cheap, accessible and because the story is very well told.

This is a movement whose ultimate purpose is to avoid impulsive buying, and thus we can reduce waste, pollution, the excessive use of natural resources, and the precarious working conditions, widely known, namely in the Fashion industry.

Many of the purchases we make on a daily basis have no genuine need. However, we are driven by the permanent message that buying is easy, cheap, and the more we buy, the better!

The consequences on a planetary scale are devastating. Although we know the impact of a consumerist society, and we don’t want to be part of it, we don’t quite know where to start, because, in fact, change is difficult. But it’s not impossible. Having the desire to do something is already positive. That is why it is important for me to send the correct and realistic message, one that can help people accelerate the transition to a conscious, sustainable purchase that translates into the least possible impact on the planet.

The realistic message is that we should buy only if necessary, but if it is really necessary, then, okay, we can buy it. The path is made by walking, and it is necessary to start. As soon as we realize the benefit of buying better, we naturally start to consume in another way.

#BuyonlyIfNecessary Movement

There are several campaigns that are emerging about the importance of being agents of change, be they brands (few), public figures, diverse organizations, or citizens, all of whom intend to mobilize to make a change at a global level. Fortunately, more and more people are interested in contributing. And as simple as our contribution is, the important thing is that we are doing our part.

Every day and with the #BuyOnlyIfNecessary movement, I want to reach out and motivate people to join.

In the various articles I write, I share tips on how to buy better, consciously, and sustainably. But I remind readers that they should always keep in mind that they should only buy if necessary.

To guide us on this path towards conscious buying, we can follow the four pillars of this movement. As we go through them, we confirm that step by step, our purchase is conscious.

The four pillars of the movement are as follows:

Consciousness: Recognize that the problem is not buying, but rather whether buying is necessary and conscious. Why the purchase, what purpose does it serve, can I postpone the purchase? Can I replace this purchase? These are questions to ask.

Balance: It is desirable to find a balance in purchasing behavior, to find the space between the necessary and the unnecessary. It is the unnecessary that we want to avoid.

Resources: The planet’s resources are not unlimited, when purchasing, focus on the most sustainable options. Knowing where they came from, who produced them, the materials or ingredients used is very important.

Impact: The decisions we make are our responsibility. All choices create impact, the extent of the impact depends on each of us.

When we start on the path to sustainability, we feel a huge inner strength that moves us and involves us. Then it gets easier and we become curious to know more and do better. As consumers, we have the power to choose, and if we choose well, we are on the right path. And this is how we become the Best of Us every day!

Join this #BuyOnlyIfNecessary movement and be an agent of change!

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