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milo+nicki A Fashion Brand You Need to Know

I want to share with you today, milo+nick's brand. For being a brand that is good for people and the planet, but also due to its history, its values, not to mention, for its feminine and glamorous concept. What this brand does is not just garments to add to so many others, it´s so much more, simplifying, they are meaningful clothes. Can't wait to share, with you all.

First, introducing the protagonists, Nicki Patel the brand’s mind, and Milo, his friend, a labrador dog. Nicki saved Milo, and quickly they became great friends. A few years later, Nicki fell ill and surprisingly so did Milo. In a search for health for both, Nicki realized she could not continue with her completely frenetic pace of life that was stealing her life. Through her and her friend, she understood the importance of a more balanced life. And in this sense, came the decision to leave the company she worked for.

milo the dog from the sustainable brand milo+nicki
Meet milo, from milo+nicki

Nicki could not forget the strength and courage that his friend showed her. Her passion for fashion, along with the creativity and support of those who needed it most, the ingredients were enough to change her life and create the milo+nicki brand.

Nicki’s decision and experience resonated with me and with my own life, so I cannot help feeling huge empathy for this brand, which is dedicated to all women who believe and assume their destiny. It does not matter if the decision to be made is bigger or smaller, the important thing is to take the step, and transform something that we deeply desire, whether in ourselves or our life. And start over, no matter where your starting point is. This brand honours all these women.

The milo+nicki brand seeks to stimulate positive relationships between its customers and fashion. It is designed for women, who want to establish a special connection with each piece.

All this incorporating the principles of sustainability, in a commitment, that it assumes to do good for our planet and its populations.

Conscious consumption, preferring quality over quantity and do more with less. Fashion made ethically, cruelty-free, biodegradable, produced by hand and vegan, these are all principles that guide this brand. Its motto refers to the respect of everyone, people, animals and nature, which is incorporated in its processes, from design to sales.

  «Be you in a world of others»

is your motto!


Let’s look at the collection a little and see if any piece is your face…

Without forgetting, that being able to help the planet and people, great, but above all respect the idea of ​​conscious consumption that the brand itself dictates.

Responsibly produced in NYC and India, ships worldwide.

The Holiday Party Dress

What you get?

The perfect holiday dress for any holiday with pockets.

(Almost) all milo+nicki pieces can play several roles…

The Orange

What you get?

2 dresses + 2 blouses that you can wear as a dress with the v-neck or square neckline or remove the skirt to only wear the blouse with the v-neck or square neck, bra-friendly and nursing-friendly. – milo+nicki

milo+nicki sustainable brand  the girl is wearing a long orangedress
milo+nicki – THE ORANGE

The 8 in 1 Dress

What you get?

You can wear this dress in 8 different ways by attaching a safety pin to the tip of the stringing,

To know how to dress it, Here is the video tutorial.

The Bottom or Top Tube

What can you get?

You can wear the top as a bottom, or as a top, check the examples!

The Hanky Skirt

What can you get?

Get a boho-chic style, loose maxi skirt with easy pockets. Gorgeous by the way!

The Coco Jumpsuit

What can you get?

1 jumpsuit, 4 blouses, 1 wide leg pant, + 1 wide belt | you can wear the jumpsuit with the square neckline zipped and belted/not belted, unzipped with blouse reversed as a set, on-or-off the shoulder, bra-friendly and nursing-friendly, includes snaps to hold bra in place on shoulders, and tie allows for bra to be hidden when in center back or front. – milo+nicki

Ending with my favourite! Do you have any?

Virtual hugs,


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