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Places to Buy Second-Hand Luxuries

Is giving luxury clothing, shoes or accessories a second chance a positive behaviour?

Absolutely. Instead of those pieces ending up in a landfill on the other side of the world, much better, they come straight to our closet. In addition, we avoid buying a new part, which feeds the production and transport chain, packaging and advertising, among others, which in turn generate a huge carbon footprint.

It does not mean that when buying second-hand we are exempt from generating an ecological footprint, but it will be considerably less if we remove all factors that occur from production to the first sale.

For these reasons and for those who are passionate about fashion, you can make a positive contribution to a greener planet in the next choice! Assuming you would like to know where you can buy online second-hand and safely, I leave three places to have a look. Happy shopping, but only if you really need it!

Places where you can buy and sell second-hand luxury garments:

One of the online platforms that offers luxury brands and that values sustainable brands such as Stella McCartney.

This platform allows to do the same as the remaining parties, sometimes arise good opportunities with very attractive prices.

Another online store where you can buy, and you can also consign later some of your garments that are no longer needed.

On any of these platforms, it is possible to create a profile facilitating the search.

 All three were tested and everything went well, the products were in good condition and according to the description, they brought the certificate of origin and arrived within the delivery period. In addition to the websites, there are also applications that are very easy to use.

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