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Remove Make-Up, Why and Benefits

Why do we remove makeup? It seems obvious. But do we know the importance of this routine and how to do it properly? To clearly understand the variables we should consider in this routine let us review its main reasons and benefits of integrating into our daily lives.

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As we all know, removing makeup is a fundamental gesture we should take seriously. It reflects the reasons for doing so and which I now list:

Skin hygiene:

First, it is essential to remove makeup because the skin needs to be cleansed and purified. We apply layers of products to our skin and stay with it all day, so during the night, the skin needs to restore itself. If we don’t cleanse it properly, the skin will keep the ingredients we’ve applied in the morning, accumulating toxins. And additionally, we are clogging the pores, which can lead to various unpleasant skin conditions such as breakouts, acne flare-ups, and rosacea (a condition that severely limits me), among others. Another factor that contributes to toxins in our skin is pollution. Pollution is not only detrimental to the skin but also to the hair.

Therefore, we should not neglect the importance of cleansing in our skincare routine. For all these reasons, many experts recommend that this routine includes two steps: early removing makeup and then cleansing the skin. These two steps are not the same, and we cannot exclude either of them unless we are willing to face the consequences (which are not favourable).

Skin health:

One of the main reasons to remove makeup is to promote good skin health. It is an act of care and protection during a vulnerable time, especially at night when the skin prepares for cellular regeneration and the production of new cells. It is involved in producing essential elements to maintain its health in all layers, particularly in protecting the skin barrier. By helping to keep the skin clean and healthy, we contribute to a more beautiful and well-maintained organ—the skin, which is crucial for our body.

lady doing her skincare routine  standing sit by a mirror with ten products surrounding her table
“Removing makeup and cleansing are two essential steps that we should not neglect in order to achieve youthful and beautiful skin for a longer time.”

Prevention of skin ageing:

Another reason many of us give importance to removing makeup is to prevent skin ageing. If we do not cleanse the skin properly, it will have difficulty maintaining its cellular regeneration and collagen production processes. New cells must replace dead ones. If it hinders the skin from breathing and regenerating, it is possible (according to some experts) that lines or wrinkles may appear. Hence, another reason to remove all makeup and thoroughly cleanse the skin is to keep it looking young and radiant.

Protection of the eye area:

I do not use eye mascara or eyeliner every day by choice. Still, for those who do, it’s needed to remove all the product from the eyebrows, eyelids, and eyelashes. Experts say leaving eye makeup residues can cause irritation or lead to infections. This area, being overly sensitive, requires particular care. The same applies to the eyelashes—using aggressive gestures or products for makeup removal can be detrimental and may cause breakage or even loss of eyelashes.

young lady taking out her makeup with product and she is smiling
“The health of our skin depends on us. It is crucial to know how to take care of it daily.”

Better absorption of products:

Removing all makeup and thus leaving the skin completely clear allows it to receive the products commonly used to enhance our night-time beauty routine.

Many of us use products to restore skin balance or anti-ageing products, and for these to penetrate and exert their action, the skin needs to be truly clean so as not to compromise the effort of applying products that the skin cannot assimilate. Every time we remove makeup and cleanse the skin, we are clearing it up for creams, serums, or any other night-time beauty products to be highly effective and reap all the benefits of applying these same products.

I know this topic can make us feel like there are so many care steps involved it becomes tiring just thinking about them. But, if we want to extend our skin health, vitality, and beauty, we can’t bypass the proper steps. And if we understand why we follow a precise routine, it will incline us to follow through.

young woman taking off her make up and then putting some moisturizer
“It may be tiring, but the benefits of removing makeup are extraordinary and will reflect on the beauty and health of our skin.”

To be more sustainable in this domain, starting from the beginning, we should consider essential care, such as removing makeup and cleansing the skin. By doing so, we are limiting the need for more intensive interventions, whether from a product usage perspective (dermatological/cosmetic, others) or aesthetic procedures that can be delayed further in time.

Based on everything mentioned, fatigue and laziness should not prevail and prevent us from having a night of recovery and regeneration towards glowing skin. And now, all that is left is to learn the best way to follow this routine by following some steps that, even though it can be basic level, will make our lives easier (and truth be told, we appreciate that). Stay tuned, as I will post these tips soon.

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