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What To Expect from 2023 Fall Trends?

What can we expect from the next Autumn/Winter 23 trends? Will this be a turning point for fashion, after the demands made, for this industry to change?

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Yes, on the one hand, we see some brands that want to transfer their intention to be more sustainable in their collections, others business as usual!

There is far more than clothes, shoes, jewellery, and accessories. A distinct era in fashion is emerging, and designers want to show that they are up to the imposed challenges on the industry.

Fashion models escaping stereotypes, more inclusive runways and the greater dimension of ethnic design as a starting point for creating the collection. “But not only that, maybe I have said this before, but what we are and how we feel is almost a communication imperative in the fashion world.”

Global this trend? No, but in small steps, we are walking there.

One variable used by some designers was to combine fabrics and materials, not necessarily new, giving room to multiple ideas, fulfilling the intention of innovating to reduce the (possible) negative impact, and setting the tone so that each person can dare to do the same.

Girls dressed with black and white dress wearing blacksunglasses a red purse on her right hand and high heels black with black stripe
Ahmad Ardity

Exploring each of the ideas and creations of the big names in fashion and the “Maisons” that trace the future of fashion, we can understand that there are subjects we can “discuss” in the way we dress. It is a state of expression gaining power and is becoming a process of activism.

They can do more undoubtedly and so can we!

There are several causes that we can defend or spread. One cause is sustainability and how we can transform the way the fashion universe can reinvent itself without losing the glamour, emotion, and enthusiasm that we are used to feeling each season.

Girl in the runway wearing black shirt and black trousers hair with poneytail wearing gold strings at chest

What consequences do these changes bring?

Creating our language is mandatory, as talking more about each of us and how fashion allows us to communicate our ideas and values. In addition, each person has their measurements and curves, and more democracy in fashion is accepted. Each body and each person is a vehicle for spreading a powerful message!

Celebrating and valuing each one as it is!

Therefore, fashion trends for 2023 are to be more democratic, inclusive, empowering sustainable messages for those who dare to convey them!

And remember that Fashion is Fashion, and we can all take advantage of it and give it our personal twist. That is the #1 trend we should undertake! Even because what is not a trend is to look like copies of each other.

To take advantage of some fascinating ideas for Autumn/Winter 2023, I will soon bring you the post in which we will explore some of these ideas, to help and inspire us to make excellent choices!

Waiting for you soon…

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