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Sustainable And Awesome Swimwear

Due to climate change, the summer extends for the following months, the high temperatures are irresistible and make our trips to the beach continue for longer.

We can take a dip or sunbathe, we use our swimwear more, but be careful, we need to maintain good habits such as protecting the skin from the sun, taking care and treating hair from saltwater, maintaining hydration, in short, all necessary care so that the sun and the beach are good for our health and well-being.

In addition to sunscreens, our swimwear, after a good use, need to be renewed and at this time great purchases can be made, enjoying excellent prices.

This WEEKLIST was designed to offer some suggestions of swimsuits that we still managed to buy at this time, they are real opportunities and, of course, they are from sustainable brands.

You already know my advice is to #buyonlyifnecessary

Hugs, fantastic shopping and have fun!

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