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The Most Frequent Makeup Mistakes

Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes the makeup doesn't go as we would like, or at some point, we look in the mirror at a glance and that perfect makeup just disappeared? Well, I confess that one of my most frequent mistakes had to do with the eye area and the blush.

Excessive or defective the reasons that make us make some mistakes in makeup are immense. But after some research, it was possible to finally realize what I was doing less well in my makeup routine and now I feel that it is important to share the mistakes that I identified as the most frequent so that we can eliminate them for good. Here they are. I hope the tips, that accompany each of the makeup mistakes to avoid, are useful.

The first mistake identified is that when we do makeup only with artificial light. Of course, if it is at night, we have no alternative, in which case we need a good amount of light to give us a complete view of the areas we are covering and from which we need access to details;

Another mistake is not to put a primer as makeup first step. The primer is very important because it helps to uniform and prepare the skin to receive the rest of the makeup, in addition, it helps to fix the makeup, which is intended to last all day to avoid retouching, even if in some situation it is necessary, we do not go through all the steps of makeup. So, primer, yes, it is a step to include;

Using a makeup blender that is not clean can spoil the application of the products, it often happens with the application of the foundation for example. It is very important to always have makeup tools properly cleaned (see how to clean makeup brushes) so that we are not making unwanted corrections;

Applying the foundation only in the area that defines the face and leaving out the rest. This is a mistake that you see regularly. When the foundation is placed only on the contour of the face, then the neck lines are exposed, close to the ears and the scalp, creating a separation line. To avoid this “effect” it is important to go covering all these areas;

Use a much lighter colour concealer, especially in the eye area. Bear in mind that what is desired is to soften imperfection, dark circles, or a blemish, not least because the intention is not to create another layer of makeup. The ideal is to use a concealer just one shade below the foundation colour. Respect the colour of your skin and select the right shades of the products used, because each one of them has a specific function. Even using some “tricks” it is important to take into account the purpose of each step;

Not putting translucent powder, it can affect the duration of our makeup. In addition, we need it to retouch the shine of the makeup, using its function to mattify the skin, giving it a more natural look. That is, this step helps to maintain your makeup all day and helps to blur the excess shine. The translucent powder also allows several other tricks, an example is to use it to mattify any color of glossy lipstick that you already have at home. If it is not one of the products that you usually include in your routine, then it may be one to consider;

For those who use contour, an error that happens with some frequency is the use outside the zone. In other words, the contour is placed to fine-tune some areas of the face, so it is very important to understand the bone structure of the face, and the shape we want to obtain with the contour because it is from there that we define where to apply the product. Afterwards, the amount of product to be applied is very important because if you apply too much product, it can ruin the desired effect. Places of greatest care is undoubtedly the nose. It may be interesting to do some exercises to test how to outline this particular area. Putting with the thinner makeup brush and starting with a small amount can be decisive for placing the contour in the right or wrong way;

Another product that is important to know how to put on is blush. This is the makeup product that I can’t do without. It is one of my favorites and for a while, it was also the one I put the most wrongly. Usually, my mistake was to put too much product, this is one of the errors associated with using the blush. The other is to place outside the zone. The blush should be placed on the cheekbones, and start only from the middle out towards the hair. Avoid making just one line, and if you want to highlight the area, prefer to blend it slightly, always using a blush brush, this way you will achieve a more natural look;

As for the illuminator, its effect can be wonderful, for that it is crucial to hit the points to illuminate. Never place the illuminator in areas that will highlight skin irregularities, wrinkles or lines, and avoid highlighting the centre of the forehead, a very common mistake. The choice of the illuminator tone is important because a brown skin color and white skin are not favored by the same tone. Golden tones, for example, work best in darker skin. Place starting with a small amount of product, use a makeup brush suitable for the area to be applied if the illuminator is a powder, since there are also liquid and creamy illuminators, you can use the applicator, a blender or your finger. Places to apply, eye, nose, and upper lip area;

Common mistake in putting on lipstick? Not to follow the natural lip line, from one end till the other. This is one of the easiest mistakes to fix. Of course, we may want a more voluminous lip effect, for that we can create a slight line above the “v” area of ​​the upper lip or simply use a lipstick that gives volume to the lips. But for a natural effect, just follow the lip line;

In the eye area, starting with the eyebrows, never outline the eyebrows in lines that are not natural, and when you are outlining the eyebrows do not use a color other than the shade of the hair. The eyebrows to be beautiful need to be in harmony with the hair. This is a mistake that, although it doesn’t seem very important, is decisive for the finalization of the look. The eyebrows are an essential element in our face and for small changes that are made they will have repercussions throughout your look;

A common mistake when making up your eyes is not to put a primer on your eyelid. Why you ask? Because the placement of the primer on the eyelid helps to uniform the skin and its tone, in addition to fixing the makeup for longer. I must remember that the skin of the eyelid has a tendency to oil and if the primer is not applied, the colors to be applied on the eyelid will fuse together, eliminating its effect, or worse creating a very ugly stain that will look more like dirt than makeup. Still in eye makeup, pay attention to the placement of the eyeliner, which is often done to close the look, and the intention is the opposite, apply the eyeliner to open up the eye. Finally, and still in the eye area, one of the errors practised when applying the eyelash mask is the product failure and the coverage of all eyelashes on both sides. This error results in a lack of symmetry on the lashes on both sides. Therefore, you should put the eyelash mask from the beginning of the eye and until the end, run the entire eyelash and in the corner of the eyes pull them up.

And voilá! Makeup done without mistakes.

I hope you are ready to start practising. Sustainably beautiful!

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