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Sustainable and Superb Foundations

The need for Man and Woman to look good and a beautiful and uniform complexion goes back to antiquity. Several Roman, Greek and Egyptian figures were linked to a strong image of beauty, which was due to the way they modified the appearance and colour of the skin. At the time, since today's formulations did not exist, it was necessary to resort to other solutions, some of them very unhealthy, everything to appear a skin that was always beautiful, harmonious and very pale, which was the most desired tone.

Many centuries later, the intention of men and women to present a perfect skin remains, with the foundation having a greater preponderance in the makeup routine.

Interestingly, the foundation continues to be the target of innovation, beauty brands bet on multifunctional foundations. Adding other ingredients, it is possible to get skin hydration, sun protection, soften excess oil and shine, or give a new tone to the skin other than the natural one, among other functions.

It is possible to find foundations in three presentations, liquid, powder or cream. The formulation, the colour, the texture, the coverage, and even the way we apply it, are important aspects to consider because each of them can imply the result obtained, one being more efficient and lasting than the other.

Being the foundation an essential part of the makeup routine, this week’s WEEKLIST would really have to be dedicated to it!

Feeling that this topic lacks some more information, I will write an article dedicated to this topic, to help you choose the foundation that best suits your skin, and to get even more out of that choice.

If you are needing a foundation, the suggestions I leave you contribute positively to our planet, and so will your choices!

Conscious buying is buying only if necessary!




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