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Minimal Fashion What I Need To Know

The concept of minimalism gains expression through a movement started by artists in the 60s but it is in the 80s of the last century that it gains greater breadth.

This movement establishes, as a principle for a happy life, the possession of few material goods so that in its replacement can be added the factors essential for a full experience and from which we can take the most important in life, such as culture, family, nature, the arts, or well-being, among others.

Musicians, artists, and personalities from the most varied areas designed what the minimalist movement represents, defending its roots, and which largely contrasted with the consumer society that prospered at the time and which is still today the mirror of developed countries today.

As in the other spheres, this movement attracted many designers and stylists, especially by its concept. Also, consumers, in line with the message that less can be more, wanted to adapt their wardrobes to this concept, and it’s here to stay.

And each designer can express their interpretation of minimalism in their collections, through design, materials or How It’s Made.

There are some ideas that are transversal and that we can consider building a wardrobe based on the minimalist concept.

We need a few pieces, having the base afterwards is just combining and creating different looks. As neutral tones are the ones to bet on, then what is really necessary is to know which pieces to consider, as the basics pieces, the timeless pieces and the essentials one.

vera gallardo wearing a minimal shirt with transparency in the arms and all black from Elizabetta Franchi brand
Minimal Fashion is one way to start a sustainable fashion path.

For some people, it may all seem the same, but in reality, each of these categories has a function. Let’s start as an example of the basics, these are as the name implies, the pieces that are the basis of any outfit, an example is the singlet (neutral colour this is the piece that goes inside other pieces, like a top, it is tight but not stretch and only with two thin straps) the singlet is a basic that can be made of cotton, silk or synthetic, it can work as an interior, but it can also be shown under a transparency. Another basic is the white or black t-shirt in round or V-neckline, and for the cooler season, the long-sleeved shirt.

Timeless pieces are those that are never out of fashion, used regardless of trends, an example is jeans, which can be from the previous year’s collection, or be from 5 seasons ago, it remains timeless. The same is true with the Chanel coat, which is itself the ultimate expression of timelessness. In shoes, an example is the stiletto, a classic form of shoe, which is never out of fashion, but that with each season or collection we can see variations in its design, materials, or prints, but never in its form.

And finally, the essentials are those that, as the name also shows, are essential for any look, are the pieces that really build a wardrobe. Not to be missed, the white shirt, the short or long black blazer according to preferences, the raincoat, the tight black and white pants and in the same colours the wides, the LBD or (little black dress) the essential is to be a black dress, which can then be a short, half-leg or ankle version. A practical element is the leather or denim biker jacket. As for walking, a pair of closed shoes, sandals, a pair of boots or ankle boots and a pair of sneakers. Accessories include a leather belt, a silk scarf, a pair of glasses and a hat.

The most positive aspect is that these all combined give a minimalist, functional and timeless wardrobe.

Soon I will post a WEEKLIST just dedicated to this subject, with sustainable brands suggestions.

Always buy consciously and if necessary.


Sustainably yours, Vera

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