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Sustainable Sneakers Weeklist

The Weeklist I want to share with you this week is about sustainable sneakers brands. Sneakers can be used to compose a more casual look, to take a comfortable walk or for other purposes. Because they are really in demand, I thought it would be useful to know the proposals of some sustainable brands.
girl blonde with çong hair in all black sport jumpsuit and white sneakers seated in a walkside
photo: Mike Von

These brands have different sustainability approaches, but overall, they all have excellent qualifications in this field.

Some of you may already know or have heard of it, but it is also an opportunity to know that they are brands that are leaving a greener footprint. And, that is why it is worth preferring them, for the effort and investment they make, and because our choices always make an impact, we prefer to leave a positive one.

Here are the suggestions for this week, if you are not in need of a pair, then knowing doesn’t hurt, but you don’t need to buy!


Yours, Vera

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