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Shoes All About This Fall/Winter Trends

Who likes shoes? I love shoes, and although today I only buy what I really need, my passion for shoes continues to be huge so I can't get enough of seeing what's new each season. And in this area, I must say that I have incorporated a basic principle regarding the purchase of shoes, boots, or other footwear, which is to always make a good “investment”. It no longer makes sense to buy in another way.

A good pair of shoes or boots make all the difference. The right choice of a particular model can build or destroy our outfit. No less important is the fact that the shoes we choose to be part of our outfit, support our entire posture, and the way we walk or are in a certain pair of shoes, influences how we feel with them, and that shows.

Every season, and in case I need it, I carefully select what I’m going to buy. I consider what investment I intend to make, what purpose does my purchase serve, what need am I supplying? What is the fundamental characteristic that the “new” pair of shoes should have, or how do I count on wearing them on a daily basis. And how I feel wearing them if I don’t feel well, even if they are beautiful to die for, they won’t go home with me, that’s for sure.

So, if a new season starts and I’m going to buy some shoes, because I really need it, I take into account what’s new and the trends of this year. Does it seem nonsense? But it is not, because in shoes and in clothes, what I choose follows the rule of complying with what my “personal style” allows. If it is not compatible, then it will not be part of my choices either. But of course, some trends of the season (which come back year after year) may be in line with what I’m looking for, meeting the look I intend to recreate for myself. In that case, I will buy, without doubts or hesitations.

So, what are the trends? I have excellent news, we can use almost everything we already have in our wardrobes. Isn’t it fantastic? The designers considered almost all styles of shoes and boots for this Fall / Winter, although some trends have been seen more than others, and there is some consistency in what will be more fashionable this year.

It will be possible to have a hyper sophisticated look in “chunky boots” as in a pair of “slingback”.

White was the color that made a splash and that promises for this year, it was possible to see on the runway shows, the use of white in boots and shoes, and in various shades of white, such as ivory or pure white. Gilberto Calzolari, Jil Sander, or Roberto Cavalli were just some designers who turned to white for coloring neutral their footwear.

The “wellington boot”, brought something unexpected in this Fall / Winter collections, completing more daring looks, these boots are as much part of a casual wardrobe as of a classic, at least that is the intention. Whether they combine with skirts, pants or even dresses, these boots go with everything, besides that, they can fill that important space that footwear also asks for, its comfort and even its functionality, at least so dictate brands like Stella McCartney, Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood or Versace, among others.

The high boots are one piece that we’re not missing in this winter’s collections, with little surprise, not least because in fact, they have not gone out of fashion. In this collection, they come in the unicolor or colored versions, either leather or varnish, glossy, or adorned. Alexander McQueen inspires us to use high boots as a second skin, Balenciaga, in a clear allusion to climate change, exhibits different shapes and colors in his collection, high boots have a more than symbolic value, they are above all a form of protection for the most unpredictable days that the season can bring us. And through the hand of Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent, we can see the versatility that high boots can offer, even in a bold version, with glossy black in a stretch and extremely feminine effect. Alberta Ferretti creates the perfect combinations of medium or high boots, according to the color and shape, allowing a perfect symbiosis between the whole set created.

And the surprising collection by Louis Vuitton that between the “bolero” jacket and tutu skirts manages to incorporate the “matador” style, as the brand calls it, in an alternative and bicolor version with the known irreverence of Virgil Abloh, and which once again does not escape the rule.

In shoes, we will find ornaments, such as bows, fringes, straps, and chains, the latter being one of the major trends of this year. The chains can be heavy and wide or light and thin with one or more overlapping, the proposals are incredible. The well-known kitten heels, pumps, and “stilletos” remain current. Burberry’s proposal brings a mix of boot and shoe with an opening at the back and a ribbon that runs through the ankle, it is a combination of “slingback” with a boot which the brand calls point-toe “mules”. A different aesthetic, but it works perfectly.

And without forgetting the platforms, a real hit of the season, whether in shoes or boots, even “chunky boots” are entitled to the platform version. And there were many brands that bet on this concept.

Innovation, comfort, and sophistication are the words that mirror the creations of the great fashion brands for this Fall / Winter 2020. Despite all these inspirations, my choices and suggestions go to sustainable brands, as you might expect.

Although not all brands are on an equal footing in terms of their commitment to sustainability, it will always be better to value those that are truly implementing strategies and adapting sustainability principles in their business model so that it is successfully possible to achieve their goals. My examples are just those that are among the brands that have already started their transition to sustainability and have made this commitment publicly.

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So, if you buy, consider only what you need and if possible prefer the sustainable brands. Besides becoming heroines, you are also contributing to real change in the fashion industry.

Hug, Vera


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