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The Skincare Steps You Can’t Miss

There are skincare steps in our beauty routine that we can't miss, otherwise, our skin will not be as healthy as we want it to be. Next, we will go through those steps, simply and practically.

The skincare routine must include the 4 essential steps, which are cleaning, treatment, moisturising and protection. Its importance is not new, the essential thing is that we keep in mind that our routine must include it daily, even though sometimes it is necessary to adjust some details.

Sora Shimazaki photo woman wearing a white robe preparing for bath
photo: Sora Shimazaki

Imagining that we already have the concern to at least cleanse and moisturize, we are already doing something good for our skin. But is it enough?

Many people are fortunate enough to have good DNA and therefore their skin is always wonderful, but we can’t guarantee it will last forever. Besides, if we don’t follow a skincare routine, one day, we will find the reasons it happened. Nothing we intend, right?

The first step, I think that nobody will have doubts is the cleaning of the skin. The way we clean it can have multiple approaches, each person can choose how they prefer to clean their skin and the best products that bring the best results. But most importantly, is to do it.

Andrea Piacquadio photo woman with a towel in her head doing her skincare and looking to a mirror
photo: Andrea Piacquadio

One of the simplest approaches to cleansing the face is the showed by the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology). We must do it simply. Start with rinsing your face with warm water, then apply a mild, alcohol-free cleanser. Place it with your fingers instead of any other tool that could harm the skin. Then also rinse with lukewarm water until it removes the product, and dry gently. Despite being a simple way, it is very effective to clean the skin. When I wash my face, my concern is not to use scorching water and when cleaning, always use a towel or face cloth that is completely clean and with a smooth texture.

But take note that although the skin needs to be clean, it is equally important that it does not dehydrate, so they advise to wash twice a day, morning and evening. Another aspect to consider is that the product that accompanies the washing of the face which can be presented in various forms such as lotion, foam, oil or other, will have to be chosen considering especially the skin type and its condition. The product to be chosen will preferably be mild, avoiding the use of aggressive agents for the skin, which can cause irritation or some more severe damage. We must consider whether our skin is dry or oily, whether it is sensitive, or whether it has a tendency to acne or other special conditions. Therefore, the choice of cleaning product should always be very personal. And there are excellent products, as you know, that work very well for a wide variety of people, but not all.

It all seems very basic, and it can be so. We do not need to complicate, because it is not because we apply dozens of products that we will have a more healthy skin. The most important is undoubtedly repeating and constancy of our daily routine.

In this first step we could include the time for skin exfoliation but considering that this is about the daily routine and the skin exfoliation is not done daily, except by a doctor advise, I leave here the content about exfoliation and what you need to know about it.

Then, after cleaning, the next step is skin treatment, and in this step we can include medications or treatments to apply to the skin, if this is the case, we must do immediately it after cleaning. Treatments may include placing different products, the procedure must be done according to the prescription of the dermatologist. If you went to the pharmacy to solve a minor problem, it is also at this point that you should do so, unless otherwise prescribed by the pharmacist. The reason is that at this moment the skin is ready to absorb the molecules that we will put on top of it, the moment of application of the products influences its effectiveness, hence it is necessary to be respected.

Steps 1 and 2 completed, we move on to step 3 which is to moisturize. In the 3rd step, we do what is critical for the health of our skin. To give back skin the water it needs to stay healthy. In this step, we also include anti-ageing products, products that help prevent, that slowdown or mitigate skin ageing. And yet products with a specific function, but that do not conflict with the skin’s moisturizing function. All products that are placed in the eye area should be applied with the ring finger and very gently, as it is a very sensitive area. The choice of products must take into account, each type of skin, its functions and its forms of presentation. Applying a cream, which although has been announced to the general public, does not mean that it will have effects on me, or on you, depends on the type of skin for which it was formulated. If we have dry skin for example, and we use a product that was designed for oily skin, the most natural thing is that an imbalance occurs in our skin after a period of use, since the product for oily skin is trying to balance oily skin, and dry skin should not dry out even more. All of this is really very basic, but for some reasons, we do not always choose “our” products based on the characteristics of our skin. We must respect our skin in all dimensions, and this will determine the life and health of the largest organ in our body.

” The skin is like a business card, introduces us to others, quickly and without much effort. “

Vera Gallardo

And finally, the 4th step, protection. Skin protection became one of the vital steps in our beauty routine because of simultaneous aggressions for our skin. It happens with the skin, but also with the hair, with our eyes, and even with what we eat. Short, be it pollution, ultraviolet rays, free radicals or stress, our skin suffers from the harmful effects to which it is frequently exposed, and that is why we can and must contribute to its protection. This step became a consensual part of the daily routine and the brands developed several solutions to make this step simpler. For sun protection, one form of protection was to add SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to various products that are already part of our daily routines. It is possible to get protection together with a moisturizer, or a foundation with sunscreen, as well as having a coloured sunscreen to get the protective and uniforming functions that the foundation or CC creams allow in a single step. This beauty trend came to stay, it will be possible continuing to see new offers, by simplifying and improving our skincare routines.

Are there perfect choices? I wouldn’t say perfect, but some guarantee more than others. For protection, dermatologists recommend a minimum SPF30, but for days with high UVB the minimum should be SPF50. Even so, no SPF protects 100% the skin from UVB and for that reason, it can be necessary to add other measures for greater protection, such as hats, sunglasses, suitable clothing and in the limit no sun exposure. Now, if you can choose a foundation with SPF30, it will be better than one with SPF10. But of course, it depends on other factors. Even at home, UVBs pass through windows, and it may seem unreasonable advice, but skin specialists recommend using sunscreens at home or in the office. Including its renovation during the day. If you choose a product only for protection, then the priority may be products that are biodegradable or that do not destroy corals or marine habitats, which are essential for life on the planet.

photo by Sarah Gualtieri
photo: Sarah Gualtieri

These 4 steps of skincare can assure a beautiful and healthy skin, but for this, you must know your skin well. Going to the specialist helps in the diagnosis and treatment when we suspect a skin disease, or we have a condition that needs medical care. Additionally, it also helps to know our skin in more detail and taking more advantage of our choices, for instance, concerning the products we use or want to purchase.

Finally, I suggest that the last step to consider is “skin rest”. This means that after night skin cleaning, and at least two nights a week, avoid applying any product, that you usually apply. Our skin emerges in hundreds of molecules per week and is also externally pressured by other agents. So, I started including skin rest in my skincare routine after having read several experts’ opinions about skincare overload and it made perfect sense to me, it has worked out beautifully, I have noticed that the skin “wakes up” as well as the other days.

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photo: Compage

These steps are the ones you can’t miss, others can be added, but never, leaving the previous behind!

You already know that I love to share everything I know with you, and for more questions or suggestions on issues you want to see addressed, you can do so here.

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