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Your Pants Trend & Style Guide 2021

Pants are perhaps the most used garments. Thanks to Coco Chanel, pants became an essential piece that freed up our way of dressing. Hence our eternal recognition. We well know that the choice of a style of pants can be associated with a purpose, a circumstance, a certain silhouette, or because it's trendy. To make this choice well made, it is best to know the different styles, consider the characteristics of each of them, especially the most important, since a gaffe can cause a real fashion nightmare. Issues such as the height that a certain style of pants should have, the silhouette it provides, are some issues that I address for each style.

Well then, let’s do it.

Boyfriend Style- the boyfriend style is inspired by the boyfriend’s pants that one of us would wear, hence it is a wide model from the hip to the end of the leg, presenting a male silhouette, so they do not taper and are usually long.

Capri Style – Capri pants are mainly linked to their height and are more a measure than a particular style. We usually call Capri pants the pants with height ¾ (three quarters), which is between the knee and the ankle. We can find these pants in more classic fabrics. Today there are also Capri jeans, but you must pay attention if they are well classified as you may buy pants that have a different height from the one intended.

Cargo Style – military-inspired pants, characterized by having two side pockets on each leg. The silhouette is straight in the male version but can taper in the female version. Some versions close the leg with a stretch hem. The height can vary, in the classic cargo version it can go up to the ankle, the latest trend showed us much shorter or rolled cargo pants.

Cigarette Style – cigarette pants have a tight silhouette that follows the shape of the waist and hips, then follows with a straight cut on the legs, and ends above the ankle. These are pants that provide a very elegant look, they can easily make a formal look or more practical depending on the combined pieces. They are indispensable friends of the minimalist style.

Clochard Style – these are high-waisted pants, which uses a belt made from the same fabric. This pants style gains expression with the return of the 80s to fashion trends. It can be made from different fabrics, including denim. The choice of fabric alone produces a sportier or more classic effect. We can find Clochard pants with or without patterns. The height varies slightly above the ankle, never exceeding it. And yes, it has been a trend for some seasons now.

Cropped Style – Again a style of pants that are determined by their height, in this case, the pants end just below the knee. Possible to be mistaken for the Capri style, however, there is a difference between them, the Cropped pants are wider than Capri pants. Although not mandatory, Cropped pants may include pleats or belts.

Culottes Style – Also known as shorts-skirts, are knee-length pants, quite wide that resemble a wide skirt in their silhouette. They are an excellent choice for people with a good leg-to-torso ratio. Culottes pants are back as a trend, you can see them in different fabrics including denim, depending on whether you want a more practical or formal look, culottes pants allow this duplicity.

Distressed Style – Distressed pants, regardless of model or shape, are pants that look worn and are torn. They have been on trend for some years now and the time has not yet come to leave the scene.

Vera Gallardo international blogger for sustainable fashion and beauty wearing distressed blue jeans
My Distressed Pants – Vera Gallardo

Flare Style – These are pants looking to the well-known bellbottom’s pants effect. Flare are pants that have a slightly straighter cut from the waist to the knee and wider from the knee to the hem. Usually ending at the bottom of shoes some even drag on the floor. Boot-cut pants are slightly less baggy than flare pants, and are also not as long, going as far as the instep or boot.

Harem – Or also known as Indian pants, these pants resemble belly dancing, with a looser shape from the waist to the ankle, with an elastic band to close in. Mainly made from loose and light fabrics. They are very versatile and often reinvented, providing bold and sophisticated looks.

Jogger Style – these are sports pants we usually wear in fitness classes or to go for a dog walk. They can take various forms, but above all, they are comfortable, which privilege and turns movements easier, for this reason, fabrics are also frankly comfortable. As fashion has evolved and adapted models to new trends, jogger pants have also become pants that are worn daily, since now are made from fabrics such as denim or twill.´

Jumpsuit Style – as being or not being pants, I am including the jumpsuit. It can take different shapes and silhouettes, but the characteristic that identifies it is the fact of being a single up and bottom piece. The fabrics, the height of the hook or other design details are wide and can be as diverse as the creativity of their designers. It is a piece that comes and goes with trends. When admittedly a trend, they become almost impossible to resist.

Leggings Style – tight pants that follows the shape and structure of the body. Once considered as enemies of fashion today they are reinvented by several designers, putting them in the spotlight by integrating them into their boldest proposals. Above all, they feel like a second skin, an example of which is Saint Laurent’s latest proposal with the vinyl leggings (a must for the most elegant shapes) presented in his collection for the next autumn-winter of 2020/2021.

Low Waist Style – Low waist pants are not a style themselves but refer to pants where the waist is low or short. Contrarily, the high waist pants have their waist close to the belly button. Some pants style fit better to a specific type of waist.

Mom Style – this pants style is high-waisted, loose in the hip area, and are used mainly by those preferring unshaped body lines. Were considered old-fashioned or not very elegant, because of their less feminine silhouette. Today practically all jeans’ brands have this style, which has become a success, especially for its comfort.

Overall Style – or gardener’s pants, are the pants that accompany us since childhood, grow with us and come back when we are young adults. Their benefits come from being practical and existing in several different fabrics, for all seasons and all shapes. Overall style pants are classic and should remain for the youngest, as it is an indispensable.

Overall Pants Style

Palazzo Style – are the widest pants we can find. Palazzo pants have a wide width from the waist to the hem, the width is exuberant, it can look like a skirt rather than a pair of pants. Palazzo pants distinguishes from pantaloons by the fabric, these are usually made from mesh or cotton, while palazzo pants are preferably made from fluid and fresh fabrics. Differentiating pantacourt pants from palazzo pants is simple since they are very similar, differing in the length, pantacourt being much shorter, usually not going far beyond the knee.

photo by: Apostolov – Pantacourt Pants Style

Skinny Style – Pants shaping the body, from the waist to ankle, ending glued to the leg. This style of pants is familiar when we choose a pair of jeans, and they are even more prevalent in this type of fabric.

Straight Style – Straight pants are straight-cut pants. We all recognize this cut, it does not follow any shape because its cut is proportional from the waist to the hem. This style of pants exists in practically all possibilities of fabrics but mostly used in denim. The classic Levis 501® jeans are the eternal example of straight pants.

photo by: Vlad Bitte – Straight Pants Style

Sailor Style – Or rather saying the sailor pants. The mandatory characteristics that we must observe are, baggy shape pants, with buttons at the front, usually never less than three, with a high waist. The shape is close (but not the same) to the flare pants. They provide a similar silhouette, and in length, they are precisely the same. No luxury brand hasn’t sailor pants in its collections, such as Chloë, Balmain or Givenchy. But some brands reinvented this style of pants by shortening the height of the leg or by changing the leg shape. An example is the skinny sailor pants. However, with these changes, the “soul” of the sailor pants is lost. These pants provide more often a classic cut, but with denim gaining prominence, it is yet another trend to transpose and get status.

Wide Leg Style – These are the wide pants that are everywhere, being one of the trendiest styles. In its design, we must consider the pants width from the waist to the hem. The height may end after the ankle, but those mostly found at this point are those that extend beyond the instep, covering the shoe heel. This pants style is a splendid choice as they favour several types of bodies.

And the guide is complete for the year 2021. If new designs and styles of pants comes up, I will be here to give you the news.

Before saying goodbye, my advice is to buy only if necessary, if it is necessary, then fine! The planet and future generations are grateful.

Stay healthy and safe,

Virtual hug,



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