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Fragrances How to Choose the One

Who doesn't love to feel a pleasant aroma which awakens our senses? Perfume has been in our lives for thousands of years and it reveals its importance in our identity, a perfume can reveal our preferences or our style and even induce our state of mind.

Each person can react differently to an aroma, there are multiple possible combinations of substances that, in their result, translate the desired perfume.

Historically, the fragrance of a perfume is associated with the use of natural substances, removed as the name indicates from nature, extracted from flowers, plants, oils from trees or shrubs, or even from animal origin. Today the perfume industry focuses on the use of chemical compounds that are obtained in the laboratory synthetically.

Are the perfumes I am buying harmful to my health or are they causing negative effects on the planet or the community? Can I choose better?

It may or may not be, it depends. It is uncertain that all products on the market are free of harmful ingredients. In addition, the way they are produced, their distribution, and even their use, can cause more or less negative impact.

In sustainable beauty, importance is given to how the perfume formula is generated and the resources associated with its production, such as labour and raw materials, conditions in which employees work, the place where they are produced, management of waste from production, etcetera. And, also its distribution, from the bottle to the packaging, through marketing and sales. And after all these processes, there is when it reaches consumers.

At this stage, it is important to consider the waste and the environmental impact associated with the purchase and then from use to the end of its useful life. Can we imagine the millions of perfume bottles throw away every year, all over the world?

There is a whole range of issues to be considered ensuring that the perfume delivered to the consumer is a sustainable perfume.

But the approach to sustainability can be diverse, some options may have a higher sustainability index than others. It’s a fact. But then how to choose the fragrance that best represents me? The one that makes me feel wonderful?

First, to know what are the major concerns, which ones are the sustainability principles that underlie my choice. In a simple way, here are some examples. And the brands that are betting on each of these principles in their business model.

So, if the concern is to reduce my footprint by reducing the production of waste, avoid buying new packaging repeatedly. In which case I can choose a fragrance brand like MUGLER FOUNTAIN which, through the #REFILLYOURBOTTLE initiative, seeks to reduce the impact of packaging and transport, and also minimize the volume of waste associated with its purchase and use, and the same bottle can be reusable, as many times as we want. Available the three versions for woman, Alien, Angel or the Aura Mugler are available. It is a way of protecting our planet. Because it is a good idea, several brands are designing their reusable packaging.

Photo: Refill Your Bottle Fountain from Mugler

When I intend to buy a fragrance, but I am concerned that my purchase is from a socially responsible brand, or that it includes a circular economy model, promoting the reuse of all resources and materials from the activity, then I can choose the Sana Jardin brand. This brand has in its mission the values ​​mentioned above, and also gives special empowerment to women who work in the region, making them micro-entrepreneurs. These, reuse waste and transform it into other products!

I can also choose a fragrance because I want to make sure that the ingredients inside my fragrance bottle are as natural as possible, my desire will be to avoid using ingredients that, due to their composition, are harmful to the environment or my skin, so the question for me is the safety of using my new fragrance. I could suggest several brands, but I would prefer in this case to suggest one brand that has led the movement for natural beauty, especially in this segment.

Pour le Monde, is the brand with the highest number of certifications in this sector of perfumery, and that guarantees a 100% natural perfume. In addition, it is a brand that does not use synthetic compounds and does not test its products on animals.

Pour Le Monde Perfume image and couple just married backs and blue flowers image
Photo: Pour le Monde Together Perfume

There are brands that are caring about sustainability and are translating it through environmental programs, programs for the preservation and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.

This may well be the principle that I value most and the brands that bet on this domain. And it is the case of Guerlain, recognized beauty and perfumery brand is one brand that has bet on protecting bees, a species in danger of extinction, although its importance recognized widely since they are fundamental for the balance of the planet. Through partnerships, it has recognized Guerlain for its merit in the way it has intervened in the species’ preservation and has generated greater knowledge about its importance, supporting several initiatives over the years.

After selecting the principles with which I identify most, I select a sustainable brand, (find other sustainable fragrances suggestions) that offers perfumes that can represent me better. Choosing the aroma within the range will be easier if you recognize which fragrances and respective compounds we most appreciate.

And so, consciously, I am ready to choose mine.

Conscious, it is also to buy only if necessary!


Sustainably yours, Vera

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