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Humm Amazing Fragrances You Need to Know

A perfume is undoubtedly an element that surpasses aesthetics, fashion and trends. In addition to being subtly connected to our state of mind, it also reveals our style, our preferences.

Whether our preferences are related to the type of combination of substances or to their perfume note (as perfumers define it) what we choose also defines us, defines our taste, our style.

Even though we are not experts, we know how to frame a perfume by the fragrance we can feel when we try it. As a rule, we group perfumes into large groups, which are related to their origin, which can be diverse, such as those originating from flowers, tropical plants or others, from surplus trees, woody or those of animal origin.

The truth is that our sense of smell prefers some fragrances to others and that is why the reaction to feeling a certain aroma can vary from person to person.

Regardless of what our preferences are, this WEEKLIST is dedicated to sustainable perfumes, whether luxury or mid-range, its fragrances are incredible and make the aromatic delights of perfumery lovers. I love it too, and it is my favorite since I started experimenting.

You already know the #buyonlyifnecessary movement, it’s for our own good. It is for the good of all!

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