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How to Gently Clean Makeup Brushes

For the Skincare routine to be well done it is important that the elements we use daily are in the best conditions and able to be used.

The makeup brushes, for example, which are essential for applying makeup, must be clean and dry. The way we clean it can predict its durability. And in the concept of sustainable beauty the durability of the instruments is super relevant. So, I leave the main steps for the cleaning and care of your makeup brushes. This way they will always be functional and will last for many years.

So, first of all, take into account that the cleaning of the makeup brushes should be done in a smooth way since the protection of the material is essential. The first step is to remove excess powder, base or any other product, gently passing through a compress or organic cotton.

Then prepare a container with warm water to add a little soap, I recommend the soap I use that is intended for wool, silks and nylons, being more ecological and softer with the makeup brush strands, regardless of the various textures, this soap has a greater reach in washing. When the preparation is ready, and the soap has dissolved place the makeup brushes face down to avoid contact with water from any surface other than the one we want to clean. Make circular movements so that the makeup brushes can expel the residues and change the water, repeating the process to see if the strands are clean. Remove from water and place on top of a clean, preferably white, towel. It will be possible to more easily check if any of the makeup brushes, we have placed to clean, is still not perfectly clean. Allow to dry completely before using again.

Makeup brushes can be used for a long time if we take good care of it!

This is a very simple and delicate way to clean your makeup brushes, not using chemicals and detergents, which can even facilitate cleaning, but which damage the materials, shortening their useful life and which also have a negative impact on the planet. To these benefits we can add the fact that it is less expensive, since the soap can be used numerous times. For all these reasons, it is worth doing a gentle and sustainable cleaning of our beauty assistants.

I hope you enjoyed it, I really loved sharing with you a practical and accessible tip that is good for us and our precious planet. Continue here, more tips will emerge!

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