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Can I contribute, through this website, for the "old" continent to become climate neutral by the year 2050? Can I help achieve The Green Deal?

From the point of view of sustainable development, I would like every day to be able to help achieve this goal. This is the space I created for sharing conscious buying and a catalyst for the transition and adoption of more ecological, more conscious and of course more sustainable behaviors.

We are all aware of the need for a profound change in our habits of life, and COVID-19 itself has shown us that we are universally destined to change. But it is really hard to change, even when it is for our own good!

Even when we want to do something different, we don’t have all the information and when looking for information, another question arises, particularly with regard to sustainability, the narrative is not always so appealing that it will lead consumers to really change their perspective or to change their behavior.

Furthermore, the myths that surround it, for example, sustainable fashion and beauty (link to the myths blog post), cultivate misconceptions about high prices or ineffective products, not helping to elucidate and educate people correctly. Sustainability literacy is still a way to go that requires high resources and time.

Fortunately, there is an increasing awareness among consumers who are not only looking for more information about the products they are buying but are also concerned with the impact of their decisions. Several surveys have already validated this idea, that consumers, even concerned with the origin and the way in which the various items were produced, however, also expect brands to take their responsibility into account in all processes in order to ensure a sustainable offer.

And that is why this website was created to help in this transition and accelerate this process so that the planet regains its balance and resumes the renewal of its natural resources over the next generations. Now, buy, only if necessary, is one of the mottos that I advocate here!

Generate less waste, reuse, recycle, and renew are good principles, buy second-hand and local. Prefer sustainable brands that already include a sustainable reality in their raw materials and manufacturing processes. If I manage to get more people to include these principles in their routines every day, then I am helping so that Europe, and the world, can become climate neutral.

I´m always thinking about how to share more sustainable solutions from my everyday lifestyle.

My thanks for being part of this movement and for your contribution.


#European Green Deal is one step closer!

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