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OWNEVER, A New Accessories Brand to Discover

The story of the OWNEVER brand is simple, relevant, and contemporary. Its founder has the inspiration and mission to create pieces that last, tell a story, and pass on from generation to generation. As we remain curious to discover more sustainable brands or those starting this journey while not ceasing to surprise us, I share one more that may be precisely what some of us are looking for right now.

Eliana, founder of OWNEVER, defying the conventional, creates a Portuguese accessories brand, in which all the pieces are handmade ethically and sustainably. Plus, she is placing luxury bags on the market, which are timeless, high quality and guaranteeing lifetime maintenance.

“My mission: to make a difference in rampant consumerism and in no way contribute to the fast fashion industry. We are at a turning point in history that will mark future generations. We must have the ability to choose better – and less is truly more.”

Eliana Barros – Founder of OWNEVER

The launch collection features five bags inspired by the French lifestyle and icons such as Françoise Hardy or Emmanuelle Alt. OWNEVER is creating all bags manually and only by order, producing in bio leather (we hope the brand can extend a cruelty-free option in its entire range) and dyeing with only vegetable dyes and wrapped in organic cotton.

“I believe that the real difference does not have to be one that changes the world all at once; it must be a constant and transparent effort.

In addition to the use of sustainable materials, I believe that it must be ensured that workers, the planet, and the people that inhabit it are truly taken into account when creating a product. “

Founder Eliana Barros

At OWNEVER’s mission, there is a visible intention to reinforce the importance of the philosophy that Slow Fashion promotes, counteracting the unbridled consumerism that does nothing to benefit society, consumers, workers and, above all, the planet.

Repairing is Caring is the program that materializes this mission. And it is under this motto that OWNEVER breaks down barriers and embodies the principles of circular fashion. The brand receives all the parts in this category, regardless of the brand or model, repairing it to have a new lease of life. By inviting their customers to take care of all their parts, the brand presents various services repair such as colour restoration, repairing damaged corners, changing handles, removing mould or paint stains, among many other restoration actions.

Accessing this service is quite simple, fly to the brand’s website and make an appointment for this purpose.

“We don’t just create sustainable luxury pieces; we also fix unique ones. It can be an expensive bag, a sentimental one, or just your most beloved leather piece. Yes, we can do it.”


There are many reasons to know OWNEVER’s offers and to do that, I leave below some pieces that you can find for sale on the brand’s website.

OWNEVER ACESSORIES PORTUGUESE BRAND - woman wearring a camel bag over her left hand
11th from OWNEVER

OWNEVER ACESSORIES PORTUGUESE BRAND - woman wearring a black bag crosshoulder
7th from OWNEVER

OWNEVER ACESSORIES PORTUGUESE BRAND - woman wearring a black bag over a white blazer and camel pants
7th from OWNEVER

OWNEVER ACESSORIES PORTUGUESE BRAND - woman with a black bag on the right hand over a white blazer
Marais from OWNEVER

I hope it’s useful and if you can’t find someone who can help repair your precious bags, then don’t forget to ask OWNEVER for a quote, who knows if your bags become favourite pieces again…

Keep safe.



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