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In summer we want fresh and light clothes that let us live the warm days in a comfortable and feminine way.

Whether to take to the beach, to go for a walk, to have dinner or to end the day with a wonderful sunset, there are trends that are repeated and which we never tire of.

This year there were several brands and designers who again resorted to prints, mostly floral, in wide format, complete or partial look, the emphasis given to prints was evident in the presentations of many collections. But the designers also incorporated the stripes, wide or thinner, we can see them in pants, dresses and even kaftans, this summer the stripes are a tendency to welcome, use and even abuse. And the trend of the polka dots, which has been repeated for some years, and which reinvents itself in different pieces, creating a fun summer look.

Depending on the occasion, we can choose each of these trends and welcome it also considering which one we feel the best. Buying just because is a trend won’t be the best choice, but if it is made consciously, and makes us feel good, then why not?

For a dinner or a night out, a dress can be our best ally. With a single piece, the look is created, a simple approach that does not compromise the elegance of the choice. But if the choice is a total look in two pieces, for example, it can become the choice that cheers any wardrobe this summer.

floral dress hanged on a tree

A strapless dress with colorful floral print, I love it because it creates a very feminine silhouette.

The shirt is a piece that accompanies us in any season, and in the summer it is no exception. It can be used to complete the look or because the cooler nights call for a warmer piece. Polka dots can be the element that makes the whole look work. With strong or neutral colours, polka dots or dots, whatever you choose will look great.

polka-dots shirt hanged on a tree

The colors of this shirt are the perfect match for using this option. It has been a good “friend” on the coldest nights.

For the beach, prefer lighter and more practical fabrics, easy to undress and wear, provide immense comfort and facilitate our journey on the beach. The trend of stripes for this year does not have a rule, narrower or wider, what prevails is personal taste and the “mood” that is intended to be created.

jumpsuit striped blue and white

This jumpsuit is perfect for the beach. This model I have in several colors, all striped. Wonderful!
striped jumpsuit white and blue

Enjoying the summer and playing with trends can be super fun. We can go on vacation, but creativity doesn’t have to. And as these trends are repeated, there may be some pieces around the house that can come out of the closet and give your looks more shine this summer.

Have fun and have a good vacation!


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