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Pillars of Sustainable Beauty – Episode 1

You must be asking yourself, what is Sustainable Beauty exactly? And why should we be interested in this subject? To begin with, I admit that I haven't always lived with this curiosity or understood the need or benefits linked to sustainable beauty. But the experiences I've had in recent years and with a new lifestyle, it made sense to share what I've learned.

Hi! Thanks for being here, I hope you can feel you belong to this community because you really do!

And that’s why I’m addressing this concept here on the blog so that you too can benefit from this knowledge. Very clear and uncomplicated! First, I’ll list them, and in the following episodes, I’ll address each separately in more detail, always in an essential way.

We all have the right to know how to treat ourselves well. And when it comes to beauty, there’s a lot of misinformation. We all know it is a multi-million industry which explores the concept of beauty in a very general way. We are not all the same (fortunately) and accepting the characteristics of each of us is one of the essential topics in sustainable beauty and is one of its most important pillars, which we call Inclusion and Diversity. Our opinion about beauty is very diverse, it depends on many factors, and that’s why we saw women and men expressing the need to feel accepted, even if they don’t fit into any stereotype of beauty. Above all, it makes no sense to have any stereotype in a universe filled with beauty and diversity.

But there are still other aspects that deserve our attention. As we take medicines, it does not cross our minds do not have the information to comply with therapy or know what we are taking, what it is for, how long we can take it, what undesired effects we might have, etc… The same should happen with knowing what product we have bought, the ingredients it contains, whether there are any harmful to my health (even in low doses), how long I can use it, etc… We call this pillar “Conscious Consumption”.

This pillar of Sustainable Beauty differs from the previous one, which we call “Responsible Production and Consumption”. This one meets the need for, within the scope of the transformation and production of any beauty product, to have principles that protect people, employees, and workers who take part in any action related to the product we are buying, but also ourselves when we make our choices. But not only that, it considers processes that do not endanger the environment, animals or ecosystems nor condemn biodiversity to extreme conditions. It also does not exploit partners, giving them opportunities to receive their share by developing the commercial activity fairly and equitably, a concept known as “fair trade”. Here we also integrate products that are of non-animal origin and are therefore considered vegan. And beauty products that use animal-origin ingredients have guaranteed their well-being, and to these, are associated with the concept of being “cruelty-free”. When addressing this pillar, I will share the reason, from my perspective, why I prioritize vegan or non-animal products.

Forward the last pillar expands the concept of sustainability in unison with beauty. We call this pillar “Innovation and Regeneration”. This pillar includes the circular economy in its various applications.

On the one hand, the concept of beauty is that created and made available to society through innovation and by allowing self-regeneration. Another example is when we think about beauty, wellness and care, we need to consider the body’s largest organ, the skin, including its symbiosis with the whole body. The beauty we see on the outside comes from within by manifesting itself in an integrated way. Well-being combined with beauty is an essential source of this perfect harmony. The many expected innovations in the next decade should bring exactly this symbiosis.

On the other hand, we have companies, brands, researchers, sources of raw materials and natural resources, energy consumption, etc. In this sense, innovation is the starting point for a cleaner, more sustainable that has the circular economy as its principle, that makes use of new materials that are more ecological, that can awaken more trends, and that generates a green economy. But also, the ability to self-regenerate, whether in the exploration, research, transformation, production and, of course, post-production and consumption phases. This pillar is undoubtedly the most ambitious one and can contribute to a bright future for the beauty industry.

Well, now that you already have a perspective of what Sustainable Beauty is and its pillars, I will intersperse the next posts among other suggestions, bringing the pillars one at a time and, for each one, I will make an exclusive episode. In the end, what do I wish? Hopefully, you may better choose your products, your cosmetics, and your make-up, among others. With that, you improve your inner and outer beauty, that way you may influence friends who also aspire to reach a state of beauty that radiates even more!

If it makes sense, then share! Many will thank you 😊.

You already know I’m here.

Sustainable hugs,


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