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My Skin and My Journey to Sustainable Beauty

At 47 years old, my skin reflects the choice for skincare in a still natural way. So far, I have never resorted to any aesthetic procedure since I have never felt that need.

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I didn’t feel the need for a more invasive aesthetic procedure because the genetic inheritance combined with the skincare I have had since a very early age allowed me to reach this moment, well protected and with a youthful look.

But years pass, and life events can change our reality a little. That’s what I must tell you today. In fact, for many years, my skin, despite being very sensitive, had an easy relationship with most of the products I used. A life event which harmed my health and which one of these days I will share with you in more detail brought me a new condition of enormous vulnerability. Stress mixed with taking some medications and a prolonged recovery worked as a lever for this vulnerability.

From that moment on, my skin experienced a lot of difficulties. Today, anything can make it unbalanced and have a crisis. Already sensitive skin, I went to even more sensitive and reactive skin. I started having rosacea. Rosacea is an inflammatory vascular skin disease which reflects redness on the face, among other symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no cure for rosacea, but there is treatment, and the best way to deal with rosacea is to control it and avoid it getting worse.

One of these days, I will speak only about this topic, sharing what happens to me and how I am trying to overcome this skin condition. In my case, and many women and men, rosacea can flare up quickly, making anyone very uncomfortable.

In recent years, and with the pandemic and the everyday use of masks, my skin’s sensitivity seems worse. Having medical follow-ups, I learned what I should and should not do. Although I am very meticulous with the products and brands that I try, I always share the most relevant events or doubts that I might have with my dermatologist.

My skin immediately senses if a product has ingredients that don´t contribute to its well-being.

Vera Gallardo

It does not tolerate all cosmetic products that have alcohol or perfume in their composition. Another factor that can unbalance my skin is using a product that is not hypoallergenic. My skincare, which was already immense, has increased. And today, I am sure that there are no skin products that work for everyone. Many people will have very different reactions, but each skin type needs specific care. In my beauty routine, it was essential to combine all this with the choice of a sustainable lifestyle. Not abdicating this assumption, I carefully scrutinize all my buying decisions.

I must tell you I made my transition and incorporated sustainable beauty into my life over time…

I must tell you I made my transition and incorporated sustainable beauty into my life over time, consistently considering the essential sustainable beauty pillars. I believe we can make this transition without being exhausted emotionally, functionally, and financially. We need to take small steps in the right direction for all this to happen. It takes small steps one at a time to allow us to transition easier without making tremendous sacrifices. After a little while, our whole new routine makes sense and the way we feel is fantastic! Our inspiration may be diverse, but if I can say that my life has changed, I guarantee it was for the better.

Nex posts, I will address the Pillars of Sustainable Beauty, in an episode series dedicated to this topic.


It will be worth it because you will learn everything about this topic, and you might help other people, friends, family and followers based on this sharing.

For now, I leave you all a big hug and until next time!

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